Hill's Song: Clinton Accepted Her Nomination at The DNC Last Night

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Clinton's greatest political achievement so far. What a plot twist.

The Short of It:

Hillary Clinton made history yesterday after accepting the DNC's nomination for President of the United States and becoming the first woman to do so.

The Longer Version of It:

Last night Clinton took to the DNC stage to deliver a speech at the end of a pretty successful convention that helped unite the Democratic party after the primary against Sanders led to a rather large party divide. While the beginning of the DNC kicked off with Sanders fans feeling a bit berned after divisive news about DNC bias that threatened party unity, the historical nomination set the mood of a bash in unity.

The Pre-Game: Before accepting her nomination, everyone heard Katy Perry roar, Chelsea Clinton shared sides of her mother that were "wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious," and a Muslim father of a U.S. soldier took Trump to task for "smearing the character" of religious minorities and "sacrificing nothing and no one." Soon after his speech he offered up his personal copy of the Constitution to Trump to clear up some of his misinterpretations. Then Clinton joined the stage while rocking a pantsuit to deliver a speech that tried to persuade voters she's got things on lock.

Here's What She Talked About:

In a speech that tried to convince voters she has what it takes to be the country's backbone, Clinton outlined her mission to open the door of opportunity to citizens by raising the minimum wage, providing the country with affordable health care and fighting for affordable education for students. She also described her commitment to national security— a brief touchdown on a topic that has plagued her campaign over her emailing practices. Overall, Clinton made remarks that continuously focused on a united America, which moving forward is forecasted to be a mainstay in her run against Donald Trump.

Moments of Shade to Talk About:

In remarks that tackled the differences between her own platform and that of Trump's and the RNC, Clinton threw some major burns.

  • She talked Climate change, of which she said "I believe in science."
  • She talked Gun control and stressed no desire to take away guns and emphasized her desire that citizens not be "shot by someone who shouldn't have a gun in the first place."
  • She talked Donald Trump, of whom she said: "a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons."

The Takeaway:

In the words of Donald Turmp this was a "huge deal" for history. Party affiliation aside, Clinton's acceptance speech marks a major historical moment for U.S.

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