Here's Why The U.S. Is Taking Home So Many Olympic Medals

Money can buy anything

The Short of It:

As the Summer Olympics start to wrap up, a look into the number of United States gold medals which is leading the pack by a nearly untouchable margin will be the one taking home the big win. But a look at the countries in the lead shouldn't be all that big of a surprise. Those with more wealth and larger populations. After all, rich countries with more people produce more top athletes and have more money to support them.

The Longer Version of It:

That's not to say that plenty of the U.S.'s athletes have walked the path of opportunity to gold. Plenty of them like leading world gymnast Simeone Biles who --- and boxing favorite Claressa Shields who -- have known what it means to have to quite literally work their way to the top. The truth is though, there are plenty of athletes representing the U.S. who've had a --.