Alert: Hillary Clinton's VP Pick Was A Total Bae Back in the Day

Tim Kaine, politics

Here's what you need to know about Tim Kaine, Future VP Née DILF

The Short of It:

On the Democratic National Convention's third night, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine introduced himself to the country last night as Hillary Clinton's official vice president pick. In a speech that attested to his belief in Hillary Clinton as his running mate and as a president, Kaine touched on what he described as the levelheaded and virtuous character of Clinton and also reflected on his roots in public service. As Kaine joins Clinton's ticket it's perfectly expected that the people of the internet would be interested in surveying and getting to know their potential leader and that they would start to dig into his past. After all guys, he has the potential to someday become the leader of the country, right? So basically finding out what he looked like 20 plus years ago and reporting it is a huge part of our duty to each other as a country, right?


Vote's in. Tim Kaine = Hottie.

The Longer Version of It:

So besides knowing that this guy totally had it going on back in the day there's more that you might want to know. Some people might even say that this info has more value so here's what you should know:

He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and was raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He received a degree in Economics from the University of Missouri and after went on to Harvard Law School during which time he took a break and worked with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras. During this time he became fluent in Spanish —in 2013, he delivered the first speech spoken entirely in Spanish on the chamber floor about immigration reform— and after nine months he he headed back to law school. Since then he's pursued a career in social justice reform.

What's more: he plays the harmonica, he's a devout Catholic who's against abortion and is in opposition to the death penalty.