Gov Locked Down: Government Might Ge Another Shutdown

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The Short of It:

The US government is on the verge of another shutdown.

The Longer Version of It:

Earlier this year, Congress passed a temporary spending bill to keep DC's lights on, today it expires. Now, they have to OK another temporary extension to fund the government through April. That bill passed the House. But Senate Dems are holding it up, arguing to extend health benefits for retired coal miners that expire soon. They're trying to convince Senate Republicans to agree. Republicans are saying House members have already gone home for the holidays and aren't around to approve any changes to the bill. So it's too late and not gonna happen right now. But any potential shutdown probably wouldn't last long. The Senate says it'd pull some weekend all-nighters to talk it out and vote before winter break.

The Takeaway:

The government shuts down on Saturday if the Senate doesn't put more money in the piggy bank. Nothing like a little bipartisan holiday cheer.