Everyone Is Feeling A Bit Lost About The Fate of Poor Tom Hiddleston

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Just another victim of circumstance.

The Short of It:

Taylor Swift has been having a pretty rough couple of days this week, having had the internet broken over her head by one Miss Kim Kardashian West who snapchatted video proof of Kanye West getting approval from Swift for lyrics about her in his song "Famous". This all happened after the pop singer slammed the rapper during her Grammy speech for reference to her in the song. Now that her tiff with Kimye has started to plague headlines and run rampant on social media, we've noticed there's been a hum of radio silence coming from the corner of her latest one true: Tom Hiddleston.

The Longer Version of It:

Loving can hurt sometimes. In a lesson on how to roll with Taylor Swift's punches, Hiddleston is learning about what it means to be a moth in a shit storm. Before Hiddleston had ever gotten together with the "Bad Blood" singer, the The Night Manager actor had kept his private life pretty loki (sorry). Unless he was actually living on planet Asgard all of these years, the internet can't help but think he had to have known all about the Shakespeare style drama he was stepping into the moment he took her out on a dip by the sea. It's kind of the reason why so many speculated the whole relationship was just a publicity stunt to 1. make him the next James Bond and 2. to curb the impending epic battle between Taylor and Kim Kardashian that had been stirring in the months after Kanye dropped "Famous".

As things continue to escalate for Taylor online, with troves of celebs coming out to raise their hands for being personally victimized by the Regina George in sheep's clothing, we can't help but ask the big question.

And we're not the only ones. Everyone is wanting to checking in on Tom to see how he's been doing after #ReceiptGate2016.

Poor Tom. As a show of support, we'd like to an extend an invitation to you to hide under our rock.

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