Eating Butter Is Probably Not Going to Kill You

We're not just buttering you up!

1. We've all heard of the link between butter and cardiovascular disease. A new research has us asking the real questions:

Is butter bad for us, or y'all just trying to stop us from living our lives?

2. Since the 70s guidelines have told us that food high in saturated fats could cause heart problems. Including butter.

"Take butter out of your diet," they said. "It'll kill you," they said.

3. Pols One just published a study that shows no link between butter and chronic disease.

636,151 individuals in 15 countries were studied and showed no relationship between the consumption of butter and cardiovascular disease.

You're welcome Paula Deen.

4. What's that you say? "That's amazing!"? Oh. It gets butter. The study found butter could actually *decrease* chances of developing diabetes

That's right, every daily tablespoon of butter was related to a 4% lower risk of diabetes.

5. So, can we start putting it on our toast, popcorn, muffins, waffles, cake, and in our coffee? You ask.

Not quite.

6. Butter might not be Satan in tubbed form, but it's not that daily dose of orange juice you need either.

The researchers called it a sort of "middle-of-the-road" food. Also, there's the fact that it's mostly the food you put it on, that's the most unhealthy. 'Cause let's be real, you're not putting it on your flaxseeds and lentils.

7. So here's the truth. It's healthier than sugar and starches like bread, but worse than margarine and cooking oils.

Basically, you don't have to hate on butter anymore or worry that too much of it's going to send you to the ER. But you shouldn't treat it like the next superfood Messiah or think of it as your route to good health.

And yes. It's still a carb.

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