Don't Blink: Apple's New Tech Is Worth The "Watch"

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Tim Cook introduces the new iPhone 7. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Short of It: Yesterday, our favorite fruit introduced the new shiny products. There's a new iPhone that comes with some cordless headphones. There's also a new version of the Apple watch. But you can bet they're are fully pimped out!

The Longer Version of It: Yesterday, Tim Cook took to the stage and introduced the new rad iPhone 7. It's waterproof, it's got a longer-lasting battery, and the camera is even more updated. You can get all the same colors it had before, but also comes in two different shades of black.

The tech that everyone is freak out about? The headphones. Cordless headphones come with every new iPhone, and yes, you don't get a headphone jack on the new phone.

The new Apple Watch also comes water-resistant, with a bunch of new bands. And all the PokemonGo peep are rejoicing with the new game on the watch. You can catch em' all and keep them right on your wrist.

The new iPhone 7 can be preordered on September 9th, for a grand price of $649!

The Takeaway: Apple comes out with new tech every year, and it's always an exciting time for other leaders in tech. You can expect a load of new cordless products coming out. In the meantime, check out Apple's rad announcement video.