Check Out These Signs To Find Out If You're Ovulating

It's go time!

Let's be real, there's nothing worse than getting caught of guard by your period. Being familiar with your cycle can only make your life easier. So, we've gathered some tips for you to help you get more in tune with your body. So grab that maxi and get ready to surf the wave.

1. All Clear

For one of the most blatant signs that you're about to hit the ovulation wave, take a look at your underuse. Your vaginal discharge is a great indicator of where you are on your cycle.Thinner, clearer, and stickier vaginal discharge is one of the sure signs your body is in prime fertilizing season. The thinner consistency makes it easier for sperm to wiggle their on up to your egg.

2. Disco Inferno

The temperature of your body when you first wake up, a.k.a: your basal temperature also fluctuates throughout your cycle. Your temperature does hike up just after you've ovulated. You'll wanna keep an eye on this indicator if you want to catch ovulation in time, especially if you're wanting to get pregnant.

3. Meet Your Libido

Feeling down for some hanky panky more than usual? A woman's sexual desire often increases around the time that their ovulation begins to spike. Go ahead and thank the climbing estrogen levels and testosterone surge for that one.

4. The Pain From Middle Earth

Not all women are so lucky to get it, but Not everyone gets it, but ovulation can spark some cramping or mittelshmerz which means "middle pain". If you do, that dull aching pain in your lower abdomen's side might sound familiar. The painful side is an indication of which ovary is working on releasing an egg that month.

5. Bleeding Love

Sometimes spotting happens around the time of ovulation. Sometimes the spotting is actually just implantation bleeding, which happens when an egg is fertilized. While any other type of bleeding should get a closer look by a doctor, for the most part spotting can be a result of normal hormonal change.

6. My Red Self

PMS is real guys and some women get PMS-like symptoms during the time that they're ovulating. It'll cause bloating and breast tenderness, so watch out and be alert because these are also the couples signs of an upcoming period.

Ladies who are on hormonal birth control should remember that proper use of the pill won't allow them to ovulate at all and women who are trying to get pregnant should note that not all of these signs are forewarning of ovulation.

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