Beginning of The End? What Is Happening With Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

Even Regina George had a finality to her reign.

Katy Perry might have been right all along. After all, it was her who first called out the "Shake it Off" songstress for being a true mean girl in a mysterious twitter post two years ago. First it was Katy, then the singer's exboyfriend Calvin Harris and eventually Kim Kardashian came out to play. In the days and weeks since Kardashian's revealing snapchat which showed the songstress might have actually pulled a false victim card on Kanye West's controversial "Famous" lyrics, it seems everyone's coming out of the woodwork to raise their hands and claim they've been personally victimized by Regina Geor-- ahem Taylor Swift.

Seriously. The floodgates have quite literally opened and people from all corners of Swift's past (including former classmates) are stepping to the front lines to lay claim to Swift's scheming ways. What's more, it seems the stronghold of Swift's "squad" seems to be falling apart at the seems with celebs like Hailee Steinfeld and Zendaya distancing themselves.

Our question, now that Swift appears to be losing her league of celeb friends and faith from loyal Swifties who saw the singer/songwriter as a voice of "the sweet and nerdy overlooked girl next door" what's to happen to the star now that she's been left slightly exposed? TBH we're not worried really worried.

Queen of Evolution Taylor Swift with former boyfriend Conor Kennedy in a dress that acts as an ode to throwback 50s style

For one... Taylor has built her brand on being able to change with the times and roll with the punches. A look at her relationship-related style transformations are a good hint that she'll morph into something new and be just fine.

She's Not Half Wit.

Let's be real, Swift's carefully timed outing with Tom Hiddleston which got plastered all over newspapers just a few days before Kim Kardashian revealed the phone call heard round the world was no coincidence. She knows how to work the press

Even Regina George Herself Got a Fresh Start

Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you recover from them that really counts. Sure Taylor Swift might have a long line of deflectors and haters who've fallen victim to the fallout of Swift's wrath, but even Regina George found new friends to accept her. We're not saying Swift will have to completely reboot with a new set of friends but we're pretty steadfast in believing that her comeback will come with a group of friends who set "squad goals".

She Really Doesn't Have a Heart of Stone

Sure lots of us love to hate her, but it's important to remember that it's easy to criticize someone when you don't know what they're thinking or going through. Truth be told we've all been a bit of a Cady Heron in some form or another and jumped on the band wagon of being catty with friends for the sake of bonding. Swift is notorious for donating money to issues she's passionate about and people who are need. Just check out the $1million dollar donation she just made to the victims of the Louisiana flooding.