America's Next Top Model's Nigel Barker Talks Perfecting Selfies

Nigel Barker, selfies

Fashion photographer on building your social media account.

"America's Next Top Model' judge Nigel Barker knows a thing or two about taking a good pic. In an interview with CNN, the fashion photographer sat down with CNN to dissect selfies and what it takes to boost your Instagram account.

"Start to have a look at where [your followers] are," Barker told CNN. "If they're in Asia, then you realize they're asleep if you post midday in New York. If you post at certain times, it's going to work better. The average person in the United States, if you post at say, 8:00, 9:00 at night, they're checking their Instagram before they go to bed. They finished work, they've got time. Lunch break is another good time ... Use the logic behind when to post."

Barker, whose Instagram account spills over with followers, said his biggest piece of advice is to give that filter a second thought.

"If you apply a filter that is a retouching filter that totally morphs the way you look, I say that's not a good idea. However, we all do retouch ourselves constantly. Think about it, hair and makeup. We don't wake up in the morning looking the way we do ... People write, 'Hashtag no filter.' I'm like, 'Hashtag BS' because [the] reality is that we're all retouching ourselves, dressing in a certain way."

The photographer also talked up the importance of getting personal with your followers.

"If you want a successful Instagram account, telling that story through pictures is fascinating for people to follow," Barker said. "They get to see all the different facets of who you are, and I think that humanizes you in many different ways where you can hide behind pictures, but you can also open yourself up with them. I think that's where social media can be very successful."

With "America's Next Top Model" wrapping up after 17 seasons the show's judge set to host a new reality competition show, "Top Photographer."

"Each week, we're going to pit [photographers] against one another in challenges in certain categories," Barker said. "If you're a fashion guy and all of a sudden you're asked to shoot a landscape, you're going to have to try and work that out."

Now to the questions we've all been wanting answered. What does it take to get the perfect selfie? Barker insists it's not much.

"Shoulder length, chin up, tighten that muscle underneath your chin, come down and look into the camera."

Watch Barker on his new show on November 1 when it premiers on Adorama's YouTube page.