Welcome To The Family: President Obama Set To Allow In More Refugees


President Obama just pledged to allow in 110,000 more refugees into the U.S.

The Short of It:

The White House announced plans, yesterday, to increase the number refugees accepted into the United States to 110,000 individuals this year, beginning on October 1st. The action is meant to thwart the migrant crisis currently affecting Europe and the Middle East.

The Longer Version of It:

First, let's back it up.

The migrant and refugee crisis has been a problem building in the international community for the past couple of years, only recently has the problem become so huge. Thousands of people have fled the war-torn areas of places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and headed towards countries in Europe for shelter. Here's where you'll remember the whole Brexit issue. Those European countries that thousands are fleeing to aren't all that up for accepting more people/ don't have all of the resources to help out. Last year, Obama raised his hand and offered to help, promising to allow small numbers of migrants and refugees. The accommodations weren't completely met with warm hearts though. While most Democrats seem pleased to welcome refugees with open arms, many Republicans are opposed to the potential national security risks.

That brings us to...

Yesterday, when President Obama made the announcement to allow more refugees into the country after meeting his pledged quote a bit early. Now the U.S. is set to allow 110,000 more refugees within the coming year. That's up by more than 30% of those accepted last year.


Obama's got only a few months left in office. While most Democrats see moves like these as strong final moves towards the ending of a strong presidency, Republicans see only a president adopting a "YOLO" mentality at the risk of the country. What's more next week the UN is scheduled for that United Nations General Assembly attended by world leaders, with Obama's refugee concerns at the top of his "To Do" list, no one's really on their toes trying to figure out what he'll be bringing up.