All Girls On A Diet Will Love These No-Fail Tips on Doing Happy Hour


It's the fall season and the drinks are going to keep on coming.

It's fall, and that means the start of holiday gatherings are near. With pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie parties and apple cider donuts, all of the big red flags you've been watching out for this year as you stick to a diet will quickly disappear. Let's be real, it's hard to pass up on all of the fun and booze when well, booze is involved. As plenty of us know, alcohol is pretty much a diet's worst enemy. Unwatched calories can slip you by when you accept that third churro milkshake and seeking a hangover cure often comes with loaded pizzas and heavy brunches. But it doesn't have to be like that. Read on for our top tips to keep up with the holiday party spirit without sacrificing your healthy eating habits.

Be picky about your nights.

Just like momma said, you don't have to have alcohol to have fun. Not every night needs drinks for a good time. Remember, you don't actually need that drink before you hit up the theater with your gal pals. Try to keep weeknights clean or go for a this or that mentality. In this scenario remember, you don't have to have your cake and drink your alcohol too.

Pass on the first drink.

It's hard to stop when the party gets going, trust us, we know. Note, going for drink right away ups your chances of overeating. Especially because all of our guards go down when we're feeling a little buzzed. Instead, opt for a club soda with some lime or lemon. You'll hydrate and skip the first calories from the first drink while you getting some food in your stomach.

Drink, water, drink water.

Pass every other drink for a glass of water or club soda. It sucks being the party pooper of the group. Remember that trusty one-to-one ratio of alcohol to hydration, though.

Pass on the sugar drinks.

It seems like a no-brainer to avoid sugar but it can be tough to spot sugary drinks. Seemingly safe options like tonic water, cranberry juice, and ginger ale seem to have less sugar, but it's quite the opposite. Stick with vodka or tequila on the rocks, or go for a glass of wine, preferably as a seltzer. Nix the juices, syrups and sodas.