A Really Big Deal: Tiffany Trump Dodged Her Dad's Kiss Last Night

Tiffany Trump, politics

Tiffany Trump ducked the smooches.

Donald Trump may love to delve out the kisses and fondles gingerly but not everyone in his life is open to receiving them.

Last night, after the debate, Trump's wife and children joined him on the stage after a heated spar with his opponent Hillary Clinton and having to address the tapes that came out this weekend that confirmed what not many of us are surprised to hear: he has just about zero respect for women, their bodies and also enjoys harassing them.

Greeting his kids, Trump went in for a kiss but got rejected by his fourth child and second daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Trump's wife, Melania also greeted the GOP candidate with a cool cheek and was careful with the distance she kept between the two of them as she walked the stage and shook hands. It's pretty clear, the women in Trump's life aren't too pleased with what they heard in the leaked audio tape from 2005 which display his creepy and slut-shaming comments about his former wife Nancy O'Dell. While he did make a public apology to his family during the debate summing up the entire conversation as simple "locker room talk," it seems he'll have to do quite a bit more work to get his "sorries" accepted.