7 of The Sassiest Southern Belles We All Love

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A list filled with La-ti-dahs and blush and bashfuls!

1. Scarlett O’Hara


She might have been a ruthless and self-centered woman, but there's a reason why Scarlett tops the list of just about every great female characters' list. Watching her character go from frivolous to hard-hearted can be exhausting at times, but you've got to give her credit for being consistent with her determination. After all, "there's always Tara."

2. Blanche DuBois


No surprise that the great Vivien Leigh portrayed another one of our favorite Southern Belles. Despite various opinions about her, we all have to admit that despite her shameless flirting, lurid past and spiral into insanity, Blanche never lets go of her refined sensibilities.

3. Shelby Eatenton


Shelby's kind hearted and funny character proves there's a string with southern belles and their greatest trait: determination. Despite knowing that her diabetes mixed with childbirth could be life-threatening, Shelby finds herself driven by a need to be happy.

4. Sookie Stackhouse

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You've got to love Sookie for always being polite and refined, even when she's covered in blood. That, and she'll never let anyone get the best of her. Just like the greatest of southern belles, rookie is a hard worker, good friend and kind-hearted. Just... don't mess with her.

5. Zelda Fitzgerald


If you love her in "Midnight in Paris" you'll die when you read her books. This non-fictional southern belle is a true ode to the determination and drive of our favorite characters. Dubbed the original American flapper, she became one of our greatest feminist icons.

Seeher in: Midnight in Paris

6. Allie Hamilton


We love Allie Hamilton for all of the reasons. What's not to love about a woman who won't take no for an answer and follows her heart despite what others tell her? Watching Allie stick by Noah through her turbulent youth and unforgettable love will never get old.

See her in: The Notebook

7. Jenny Curran


Jenny comes from one of our greatest film friendships of all time. While Jenny isn't always great at being a friend to Forrest, we can't slight her for trying to find herself and pursue her own desires. What's more her love for Forrest and ability to give him the push he needs to keep running will always make her a true southern belle in our hearts.

See her in: Forrest Gump

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