71 Dead In Colombia Plane Crash

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The New York Times

Chartered plane crashes in Columbia

The Short of It:

Aa chartered plane carrying a Brazilian professional soccer team crashed in Colombia on Monday. 76 people have been killed.

The Longer Version of It:

A deadly plane crash outside Medellin, Colombia happened late Monday night. The plane was traveling from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Medellin, Colombia. At around 10pm ET an emergency was declared on board the plane because of an electrical failure. After the crash, weather conditions were so bad that it caused rescue operations o be suspended because of low visibility at one point. 76 people were found dead, while five passengers survived the crash.

The Brazilian team on board the flight called Chapecoense, was headed to the finals of a regional tournament, in the midst of a Cinderella season. The small-town squad had only been in Brazil's top division for two years. And this year, they made it into the Copa Sudamerica finals. A soccer club official said "Chapecoense was the biggest source of happiness" in the area.

The Takeaway:

Celebrations for a city in Brazil quickly turned into a massive mourning period after 76 people were killed including the city's prized soccer team. Still TBD on how exactly this could have happened.