7 Fire Mascara Hacks For Perfect Lashes Every Single Time

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Get the perfect lashes with these tips!

1. Mascara As Liner


Mascara can make for the best eyeliner, especially when it's waterproof. Next time you're out of a eyeliner pencil, go for your mascara want and a gel pencil brush. No one will tell the difference!

2. Coat Both Sides


If you have light eyelashes or a tendency to get concealer on your lashes, forgetting to coat the top and bottom of your lashes can be a sure giveaway when you're going for that "natural" look. like me. Also, skipping under part of your top wishes will only deprive you of that extra coat of thickness.

3. Wiggle The Brush


For thicker and longer lashes, wiggle your mascara wand. Start at the root and move your brush from side to side all the way up till the ends. Giving your lashes a good wiggle will coat more on to the hairs and allow the ends to fan out more.

4. Mascara Cocktail


Curling, extending and volume mascaras can be pretty hard to choose from. Go for the gold and coat on all three to your lashes. You'll get the ultimate combined looking you've been hoping for.

5. Baby Powder


Next time you're at the grocery store grab some baby powder for your lashes! Applying the powder between each coat of mascara will increase the amount of volume ten fold.

6. Mascara Mistakes


Le sigh. Mascara smudges happen to the best of us, unfortunately. It might be tempting to go and swipe off the smudges when you're in a rush, but next time you make a mistake wait for the mascara to dry and then use a Q-tip to wipe the blot away.

7. Bend It


Get more control of your mascara wand by bending it a 90 degree angle as you pull it out of the tube. The angle makes for an easier grip of the wand and application of the formula. And oh yea, will help in making tip 6 less frequently used.

Mascara As Liner

Coat Both Sides

Wiggle The Brush

Mascara Cocktail

Baby Powder

Mascara Mistakes

Bend It