28 Things That Will Take ’80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

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Nothing got you to vow to read more quite like the Scholastic Book Fair!

1. Kicking of the day with this guy before heading out to school.


2. Putting your bum in these ~ultra~ comfy classics.


3. Sporting your love for your favorite show/ game/ movie while toting your lunch to school.


4. The best dessert ever to touch your lips came from the cafeteria with a wooden spoon.


5. Your first encounters with The Grind.


6. ~Field Day~


7. Signing a D.A.R.E pledge to get one of these bad boys.


8. These babies which you totally begged your mom for after signing that D.A.R.E. pledge.


9. And it was a quick spiral downward to scratch and sniff town once you got your hands on these gems.


10. The pencil guardian of the galaxy that you could always rely on.


Unless one of the buttons got jammed, then you were totally ~screwed~

11. Your favorite trail that inspired you to "Forge ahead, mighty oxen!"


12. The grave fear you had of touching the center of a floppy disk was so real...


13. Having one of these roll up in the classroom was one of the best moment of your life.


It's how you learned how to do your first fist pump.

14. Except for one Reading Rainbow was put on.


You knew some shit was 'bout to go down when this guy swirled into your world

15. Scholastic book magazines: The first indication that you'd have a serious online shopping addiction.


Your childhood version of Amazon.

16. Learning to use the Dewey Decimal System in the library.


Set you way ahead of the game for Google search.


And knowing that you and your crush were meant 2 b if they'd previously checked out the same book.

17. Surviving the spins on one of these.


You totally got dragged through the dirt while hanging on for dear life on these medal death traps.

18. ~Pizza Fridays~


Getting treated to square cut pizza is still a total delight for you.

19. "Hot Cross Buns" never sounded sweeter on a musical instrument.


20. These multi-colored calculators that gave you your first encounter with boobs.


And being totally freaked out when you had no idea why the calculators were being passed out for a test you stayed up until 10 to study for.

21. These righteous cards of knowledge and wisdom.


It's how you learned to spell the word "Wednesday".

22. Mechanical pencil's meant you could take on real responsibilities.


Like handling your own lead "injections"

23. The horror of not knowing where one of these ended up after class was over.


24. Kid Pix: another computer program which allowed you to reach your full potential


25. Heads up, seven up.


The only thing more mortifying than having your crush call you out for tapping them, was asking if they tapped you and having them say no.

26. Dad did good when he brought these home for you.


When the cool girl in class asked you where you got yours, you knew you'd upped your status.

27. Capture the pig: the mark of the original Hunger Games


28. "I'll Wait"


Still makes you feel like you're in for an intense hour of Social Studies.

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