23 Reasons Why "Dirty Dancing" Is The Most Important Movie In Your Life

Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures

"I owe it all to you!"

1. It taught you that you can dance *literally* anywhere.

And to look both ways before you do.

2. It taught you that nicknames should be dropped at a sooner age.

Johnny: “What’s your real name, Baby?”

Baby: “Frances. For the first woman in the Cabinet.”

Johnny: “Frances. That’s a real grown-up name.”

3. It totally prepped you on what to expect for your first dance.

4. Because it took you from this...

to this!

5. Because now you know what to call your boyfriend.

6. * Thank you crop top inspiration *

7. Because it taught you always be honest with your heart.

Because being vulnerable.

Can get you laid.

8. Because now you can dance in any shoe you have on.

9. Because this was the saddest thing to have ever escaped Patrick Swayze's lips.

10. Because now you know it's important to talk about the work you put in.

Because you too have carried a watermelon.

11. Because even though Baby's sister might have been a bit vapid...

But thanks to her, now you about the power of beige iridescent lipstick.

12. Because while everyone else says shit like "hangry"

You're the classy/ sexy girl who describes the feeling as "hungry eyes"

13. Because it taught you all about self worth.

And gave you a super clever Facebook bio.

"Actually I'll take the head of table, thank you!"

14. Because now you appreciate the power of #teamwork.

15. Because you never laughed so hard at a movie line.

"Oh yes please tell us more about what he's the boss of!"

16. It taught you all about personal boundaries.

17. Now you know to ALWAYS say yes to dance invitations from hot strangers.

18. It taught you various dance moves.

As well as ways to use the actual dance floor.

19. It gave you an excuse for wearing all white all day every day.

And never fearing if you get caught in the rain while wearing it.

20. It's pretty much always on T.V.

And it's always one of those movies that you can rely on for a good time.

21. It taught you the importance of taking ownership AND asserting "equal blame"

'Cause now you know how to turn a "My bad" situation

into a "You're... also guilty" situation.

22. Now you know the best time to break out your Bermuda's...

is when you're being sultry and seductive on the dance floor. Especially paired with a crop top*

23. And finally that all good deeds are rewarded in the best way