17 Times Glee Made You Weep

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Keep holding on!

1. When Coach Bieste revealed her weakness.


And left pieces of tissue paper all over your snotty nose.


And the girls serenade "Shake it Out".

2. When Kurt remembered his mother's funeral.


When Kurt sings "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" while remember his father taking his hand at his mother's funeral...


And gave you the ability to rehydrate Southern California with just your tears.

3. When the New Directions gave you strength.


Watching New Directions hold hands with scared/pregnant Quinn still gives you chills.

4. When Burt says goodbye to Kurt.


It's a short scene but oh gaaahhhhh. As Burt watches his son Kurt drive off to New York he realizes their relationship will never be quite the same.

5. When Santana shares her feelings with Brittany.


Obvi in the only way she knows how, by singing about it in Glee class. Her rendition of "Landslide" with subsitute teacher Holly Holliday still kills you.

6. Finn telling Rachel he loved her for the first time.


You knew this was going to be a defining moment for Finchel before the words even spilled out of Finn's mouth. Of course you wanted Finn to take it back after seeing Rachel ugly cry again through a performance.

7. Karofsky's suicide attempt.

giphy.com/ 20th Television

Karofsky was a total bully, but when you realized why you start to feel just a smidge of pity for him.

giphy.com/ 20th Television

Blain's performance of "Cough Syrup" as Karofsky gets bullied by his team for being, is heart wrenching.

8. When Max's character struggled with her sexual and gender identity.

20th Century Fox

And proved "If I Were a Boy" was the anthem of the trans community everyone needed to hear.

9. When it rained broken hearts on us.


When it rains on Glee of course it pours. Watching Rachel and her ugly cries can always do a number on your heart. But when Kurt is added to the mix it completely destroys. The episode called "The Break-Up" struck not 1, not 2 but THREE glee couples including Finchel, Blain and Kurt as well as Santana and Brittany.

10. When the New Directions gave you strength.


Watching New Directions hold hands with scared/pregnant Quinn still gives you chills.

11. When Sue's sister Jean passed away.


Nothing melted your cold Sue Sylvester affected heart like this episode.


R.I.P. Jean.

12. Mr. Schue making you emotional AF when the students graduated.


And when he sang "Forever Young" it totally pushed you over the edge to Crytown.

13. When Finn embraced Kurt as his brother.


Finn vowing to always stick up for his new step-brother brought you the tears.

14. When Artie called Brittany stupid.


Shattering your faith in nice guys for forever (or at least until the final 17 minutes of the episode).

15. When Santana wanted to share her love with Brittany.


Literally you couldn't see through your tears during this moment.

16. When Rachel discovers her adoptive mother.


And Rachel's dream sequence of her and her mother singing "I Dreamed A Dream" had you mourning for the mother you actually always had.

17. When Rachel's heart was broken over Finn.


Watching Rachel speak about the death of Finn, brought you to your knees.


And made you a shell of your former self.