17 Things Dancers Should Thank Their Moms For

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Step ball change. Step ball change. Aaaand turn.

1. For all the bling.

And makeup touchups between dance numbers and applying my falsies correctly and applying hairspray as generously as an aerial firefighter.

2. All the wardrobe changes.

You're literally the telephone booth to my superman suit.

3. And for keeping your eyes on the road while I changed in the back of the car.

4. For sitting through 3 hour long recitals.

Only to see me on stage for 7 minutes.

5. For the dance snacks.

Healthy stomach = excellent pirouettes

6. For all the trips to Capezio.

My love for shoes of all kinds comes straight from your pocket book.

7. For not letting me quit.

And being there for me when/ if I ever decide to.

8. For helping me memorize all of my routines.

Step ball change. Step ball change. Aaaand turn.

9. For waking up at ungodly hours for dance classes on Sunday.

10. For being the first one clapping in the audience.

11. For always having extra lipstick in your bag.

And back up bobby pins, and tights, and glitter, and and and...

12. For learning how to sew so I could shine.

My tutus and costumes would be a rhinestoneless mess without you.

13. For helping me break in all of those pointe shoes.

14. And for helping me with my turnout.

Cause now it's so on ~pointe~

15. For not being one of *those* dance moms.

16. For buying all of my dance class portraits.

And for still keeping them.




17. For helping me pursue my dreams.

On and off stage, thank you so much for always being there for me.

Thanks mom!

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