17 Baes You Shouldn't Trust In The Kitchen


Not everyone needs food to get to their heart

1. This bae trying out a new wrap recipe

2. This all or nothing partner

3. This sauce enthusiast

4. This burgeoning Picasso

5. This minimalist baker

6. This bagel abandoner

7. This breadwinner

8. This tomato soup that wants to click undo

9. This grilled cheese fail who probably has other talents

10. The egg enthusiast who made the egg mentally implode

11. And this other egg enthusiast who doesn't know what hardboiled means

12. This one who'd fail the plate presentation portion of Top Chef

13. This abstract artist doing their own thing

14. This wifey who really spilled the beans

15. This utter failure

16. This one who can't be trusted with nice things

17. And this perfect duo who knows each other so well