8 Reasons Why Free Willy Is The Most Underrated Movie for 90s Kids


~Hold me, love me and feed me~

1. First of all it taught you about captivity


2. And it teaches you all about orcas


3. And if you had the VHS tape you could watch Michael Jackson do his ~slick~ moves

Thriller via Epic Records

"Will You Be There" should have won song of the year. No doubt about it.

4. Oh my god and there's so much heartache.


Literally one of the first movies you ever saw that got really real. Like come on, captivity? Child homelessness???

5. Jesse taught you all about hard life on the streets.


6. It taught you wayyyy before Blackfish that marine mammal parks are no good.


7. After the movie was released, it brought the living conditions of the star orca, Keiko (Willy) to the everyone's attention.


8. You were totally inspired to go and free all the whales after this movie.


"No more captivity! Everrrrr!" You said. And now you're extremely passionate about telling younger children how bad captivity is and what it means to be a caretaker for wild life.


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