16 Magical Reasons Why The BFG Is The Best Story Ever

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Because it was definitely the most magical read you ever got your hands on.

Steven Spielberg's the BFG had its theatrical debut in July and everyone's wondering why one of the mashup of greatest film director of all time and greatest children's book author of all time just didn't hit it off. We're doing all kiiiinds of shoulder shrugs at that "rummytot", but we're still holding onto one universally known "delumptious" truth. The original story told by Roald Dah was and forever be "glummy". And magical. And just the best best best story ever told. Here's why:

Kids were introduced to a knew fart word.


And as it turns out farting is a sign of happiness


"It is music in our ears! You surely is not telling me that a little whizzpopping if forbidden among human beans?" ― Roald Dahl, The BFG

There's A GIANT that blows dreams into kids bedrooms!!


You really can't get more magical and simple than that explanation.

This brilliant bit of knowledge that stuck with us all of these years later


There were tons of fantastical worlds that were so close to home


You've been dreaming of going to actual Giant Country and Dream Country ever sense.

Sophie and the BFG get to meet the Queen


And for the first time you saw a kid make a real difference in the world


Let's be real with ourselves: a little girl getting the Queen of ENGLAND, the British Army and the Marshal of the Royal Air Force to rally against bullies is a pretty BFD.

There's food/ drinks with cool names you never could have imagined


You gotta know Anthony Bourdain would be all over frobscottle

You loved seeing the BFG and Sophie trick the bullies into getting captured


There's world peace for once!


The United States and Iraq and Chile and India and Arabia all unite to show solidarity and thanks to the BFG and Sophie for their rescue.

You know those quotes moved your 2nd grade self to tears.


From favorites like "Let your love out" to thoughtful ones like "Dreams is full of mystery and magic . . . . Do not try to understand them."The book is filled with so many great quotes, to bad our bodies only have so much space for tattoos.

You felt love for a book character for the first time.


And now you have just the biggest heart for the Big Friendly Giant

Your eyes were totally opened to a dreamier world


Only Roald Dalh readers can understand the kind of dreaminess and fantastical way of mind they can get from reading about giants who eat snozzcumber.

And like Sophia, it also disturbed your ideas


Just like Sophie and other Roald Dahl characters like Willy Wonka and Matilda your pure imagination lead you towards mysteries completely beyond adult understanding.