16 Legit Reasons Your Dad Was The First Love Of Your Life

daughter and dad

Cause you could never outgrow each other.

1. He carried you on his shoulders so you could see the world.


The first person to give you a different outlook on life was you dad and he still encourages you to seek a different perspective.

2. Talk about a guy who can always make you feel safe.


Mummies in the bathtub, frogs in the toilet, a witch standing outside of your window. Your dad was never too busy or afraid to check what was going on underneath your bed.

3. He was the first person to treat you like an adult.


Your dad's great expectations of you undoubtedly made you the independent and mature person you are today.

4. He taught you the worth of a cheesy joke.


Undoubtedly your dad invented the "dad joke" but you still appreciate their worth and his theatrics when he tells them.


5. He gave you your first lesson on the road.


You might have had a driving instructor or maybe your mom taught you, but your dad totally there to help you take off on a bike.

6. He waited patiently while you spent hours in the dressing room.


And then he helped you out when you were being rung up at the register.

7. He taught you the value of doing it yourself.


Of course you know he'd do anything for you, but your dad instilled in you the value of getting a job done by yourself and to never think a guy should do it for you. No door is too heavy for your to hold on your own and there's isn't a flat tire too complicated for you to change. Thanks to your dad you can do it all.

8. He taught you to go for the brass ring.


Nothing was impossible for you in his eyes. If you told him you wanted to go to the moon someday, he got you books on women who'd done it before and researched tips on how to make it possible. Getting a degree, becoming a ballerina, heading to the Olympics were never out of sight for you when you were growing up.

9. He was the first guy to get you tampons.


He never once winced or asked your mom to do it instead. He called to make sure you got the ones you liked the most, and bought your favorite chocolate for good measure.

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10. He was the first man to call you beautiful.


He saw you in the years before you started wearing mascara and he really does think you look pretty without makeup on.

11. And he told you how smart you were a hundred times more.


Of course, you like to spend time on yourself sprucing up, but your dad valued your intelligence and integrity more and now that's the most important thing to you too.

12. He taught you all about unconditional love.


No argument, mean word, or action could stop him from loving you, and you know it.

13. He learned how to make you stop crying.


First it was diaper changers, later it was silly songs, now it's the perfect bear hug and the right words. You might be a bit too big for him to carry you now, but no matter what he'll always try.

14. Michael Jackson.


You know how to do the "moon walk" better than all of your friends and can always hit that "heeheee" note thanks to all those nights of practice.

15. He let you argue back.


He didn't just shut you up and shoot you down when you tried to argue back. He listened and taught you how to defend yourself.

16. No one was ever as proud of him as you.


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