13 Weepy, Heartbreaking Tearjerkers For The Ugly Crier


Talking 'bout My Girl

1. Titanic

20th Century Fox

You'll never let go after seeing Leo at his hottest and Kate Winslet at her most rebelious.

2. Stepmom


Even Julia Roberts has to ugly cry in this one. Watch Susan Sarandon battle cancer and the realization that another woman will be raising her children.

3. Love Story


Ali McGraw is the original and ultimate girl who gives zero about a guy, but he finally wins her over. Because love means never having to say you're sorry.

4. Beaches

Touchstone Pictures

Basically the tearjerker to end all tearjerkers. Oh yeah and Bette Midler's in it. Yes please!

5. Toy Story

Buena Vista Pictures

Okay. Trust us on this one. It might have been your favorite animated film as a kid, but once you find yourself pulled into the trilogy and emotionally invested in an action figure, cowboy and potato head, you'll know what we're talking about.

6. My Girl

Columbia Pictures

You'll forever love Maculay Culkin as Thomas Jay. And forget about seeing bees and glasses the same way. He can't see without his glasses!

7. The Way We Were

Closer Weekly

Barbra Streisand as the ultimate feminist? Check. Robert Redford as the tragically cute and shallow guy? Check. Tears for ever? Check, check, check!

8. I Am Sam

RT Writeups

Sean Penn plays a father with a developmental disorder who loves his daughter - Dakota Fanning - more than anything in the world.

9. It's A Wonderful Life


It's A Wonderful Life is one of the all time feelgood films that everyone loves to see at Christmas

10. The Green Mile

Warner Bros. Pictures

Michael Clarke Duncan will steal your heart as the misunderstood John Coffey. Duncan's portrayal of the 'gentle giant' will have you weeping.

11. The Notebook

via New Line Cinema

Literally watching Noah and Ally fall in love over and over again is tragically heartbreaking and you will love it.

12. Ghost

Paramount Pictures

The story of a love so great, even death couldn't do it part.

13. Good Will Hunting


Matt Damon is electrifying as Will, a young genius with a troubled background, and Robin Williams gave the performance of a lifetime as Will's mentor.