15 Things Only Kids From Single-Parent Homes Understand

gilmore girls

1 You've got the whole multitasking thing down pat.

1. You became a quick study.

Laundry, dishes, homework, crying, dates, single. Ain't no single mom NOT got time for all that.

2. But also, because they can do everything, naturally you know how to as well.

3. Your value of hard work and responsibility is so different from your nuclear fam friends.

And it's not that they don't both, but you have been equipped with these lessons differently.

4. You celebrate your parent on Mother's and Father's day!

Because they're defying gender stereotypes is their main game.

5. And sometimes you mourn over the other

6. You've got an entire support system wrapped into one.

7. Nobody talks about your momma.

8. You see making family decisions as a team effort

9. You matured faster than most of your friends

You helped out around the house to lighten the load and quickly became more ndependent early on.

10. Like a true best friend, your parent is always down for a talk

11. But also they're not gonna put up with your shit.

12. You realize early that they can't always be SuperMom/Dad— become they're a real person, too.

13. You've got a tough skin

Years of family tree projects, skipped birthday cards, tears on Take Your Daughter to Work Day, and jokes from mean kids have helped you let everything role off.

14. You appreciate how normal your mom/dad tried to make life for you.

15. You're 100% going to ace the parenting game

Because you've learned by example from growing up in a single-parent home.