Things Americans Still Have To Be Thankful For

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2016 was a bust, but we've still got things to be thankful for.

By now you've probably heard that 2016 has been dubbed the worst year ever. Variations of the sentiment can be seen allover Twitter and Facebook: "2016, get out", "Dear 2016," one meme asked. "Y U No End Soon?" are everywhere.

We get it though, this year we saw the outbreak of Zika, Brexit, police shootings, terrorism, Syria, Trump's orange complexion, Trump's hair, record-hot temperatures, the losses of Prince and David Bowie, Trump. Flip through that calendar of yours and its likely you won't find a single month that didn't completely stink.

Still, the approach of Thanksgiving is right around the corner with the pressure of having to share what we're grateful for. We put a list of things to remind you that 2016 wasn't so bad for Americans.

You Live in America!

Whether or not it's the best place in the world is debatable, but you've got to remember that all in all it can be pretty great when you think of the basic principles of our country. Americans face far fewer external dangers than many other countries, we border Canada and Mexico, guys. Two pretty awesome countries. Compared with other major powers, the United States is actually leading a pretty charmed life.

You Were Not The First Americans and You Aren't A Pilgrim*

Mormon Soprano

The first voyage of Christopher Columbus was far from glamorous and the years after it weren't great either. By the early 16th century, Old World diseases made their drift to the Americas, setting off a series of plagues that caused the demographic collapse of some 90 percent of the indigenous population by the mid-19th century.

*Also, you're not Christopher Columbus who in many ways is the reason for why Native Americans have suffered for so many years and so many people died from diseases and war.

Kanye West Is Gonna Be Alright!


Chin up! Whether you think of the Kardashians as cockroaches or not, you have to give them credit for always popping back. If Ye's anything like his leading lady, he'll be back on top in no time.

You do not live in Syria.

The New York Times

Say this over and over and over again.

Our Art Scene Is BOOMING

Shout-out to Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose musical Hamilton broke barriers by bringing together rap/hip-hop and our founding fathers. We gotta be thankful for all the creative people whose work has diverted, challenged, excited, provoked and entertained us over the year. Kudos to Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Zootopia and Ellen Degeneres for that.