13 Reasons Your Cousin Is Basically Your Sister

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Because they were your first best friend and always around for a little trouble.

1. You don’t have to explain how crazy your family is.


They FULLY get it, and you can hop right into the next loony thing they've done without wasting time on backstory.

2. She's your partner in crime.

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Between the two of you, you're bound to spread more ground and get more information on why your cousin Todd isn't coming to Thanksgiving dinner and why Aunt Jamie is "going through a rough time right now." They're always there to help keep you in the "adult conversation only" group.

3. They were your first best friend.


You might see little of each other as you start doing your own thing, but unlike that first ~real~ best friend you broke up with in 7th grade , your cousin will always be around for the good and bad times.

4. Your parents trust them more than your friends.


Sure, your mom will always have an ear perked when you two rush off to the other room but she knows that even though you can't be up to any good, you're better off with hooligan blood than those tricky friends of yours.

5. You're always doing the great family picture battle together.


Anytime your aunts can get everyone in one place together it becomes Keeping Up With The Kardashian's photoshoot style. And they always manage to sneak in next to you when it's time to snap that picture.

6. They're on the same family roller coaster ride.


They've been to the same weddings, christenings, bat mitzvah's, graduations, hospital visits, and funerals as you. They were next to you fist pumping at the family's best highs and holding your hand at its greatest lows.

7. You've been spending time together since the womb.


Whether you were a teeny tiny baby yourself or they were already years ahead, one of you spent time watching the other grow in their mom's belly.

8. They grew up with you, so they get all of your quirks and flaws.


And support you through them anyways.

9. She judges you but, she never *JUDGES* you.


So of course your cousin's gonna be the first one you call when you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation...


10. When things go south with your friends, they're still around.


You might have your BFFS but, no one has taught you family is forever like the person who never comes and goes out of your life.

11. You've gone months without seeing each other but when you do catch up at the next Thanksgiving dinner...


Nothing has changed.

12. They're totally honest.


You can always depend on them to be real with you. Even better than a sister: you get a break time from them when you need it.

13. No matter how far you go in life, your childhood will always bring you together.


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