13 Donuts You'd Give A Limb For

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Doughn't get your eyes too glued to the screen!

1. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken's Crème Brûlée

Instagram: @astrodoughnuts

Why it makes the list: Looking for a hot crispy thing to sunk your teeth into? NHL center Jeff Halpern (who owns Astro's along with his childhood friend) probably won't allow you to do that to him when you step into the store. His shop's donuts'll be the next best thing. With an array of donuts like sweet, savory, cake and yeast donut options you'll have your fill of choices. Pro-tip: Go with sweet savory and cake- you'll hit the trifecta.

What else to ask for: Old Bay fried chicken sandwich

Where you can get it: Washington, DC & Falls Church, VA

2. Golden Brown Delicious's Maple Bacon Bourbon


Why it makes the list: GDB, aka Golden Brown Delicious takes donuts to another level by spiking their super on trend maple bacon donut with bourbon. The bourbon-butterscotch donuts topped with homemade bacon is the classic go-to for all familiar with the DC donut culture. Plus, the fried brioche donut is glazed buttered pecans.

What else to ask for: Key lime cream donuts/ a bucket of fried chicken for that maple bacon one you're absolutely trying.

Where you can get it: Washington, D.C.

3. Gourdoughs' Mother Clucker Donut


Why it makes the list: The restaurant makes ironic names with unique toppings, including bacon, chicken and brownies. All on Big. Fried. Dough and served from a vintage trailer that's open all night.

What else to ask for: Gradma's pudding' or Blue Balls

Where you can get it: Austin, TX

4. Glazed and Confused's The Breakfast of Champz Donut

Instagram: glazedandconfuzed

Why it makes the list: hand cured bacon on top of a maple and bacon infused glaze

What else to ask for: Samoa, Cherry Limeade

Where you can get it: Denver, CO

5. Glazed Donut Bistro's 'Smores


Why it makes the list: It's a doughnut stuffed with marshmallow fluff, topped with chocolate ganache, graham cracker and a bruleed marshmallow. Must we say more? Well we'll do it any way. This shop not only takes a spin on your classic childhood faves, it ALSO touts its ability to make sweet AND savory work. That's right.

What else to ask for: Wanna go the savory route? Ask for a Shrimp Roll. It'll cost you but this twist on the New England lobster roll puts jumbo shrimp dressed with a fancy mixture of dill, celery, onion, capers and tarragon. All on a Long John doughnut bun.

Where you can get it: Los Angeles, CA

6. Donut Bar's Big Poppa Strawberry Tart


Why it makes the list: UM. Look at it. It's a donut monstrosity of your favorite Pop-tart proportions. The donut is literally about the size of a child's face, STUFFED with a strawberry pop tart and homemade strawberry jam. Topped with vanilla frosting, it has rainbow sprinkles, crushed Pop tart crust and drizzled strawberry jam on top.

What else to ask for: The Big Poppa Chocolate Tart and the Chocolate Milk on Tap (That's right, just like a beer bar)

Where you can get it: San Diego, CA

7. Blue Star's PB&J Filled donut


Why it makes the list: Because it's brioche-style ‘nuts are made with BRIOCHE bread. This spin on your favorite child sandwich will have you checking to make sure they added that baker's dozen. (P.S: They don't)

What else to ask for: Crème Brûlée Cointreau- comes with a shot of Cointreau you can squeeze into the custard. Beware. This one's for the big players. You have to be 21+ to order.

Where you can get it: Portland, OR & Los Angeles, CA

8. Dough's Lemon Poppy Seed


Why it makes the list: This pronounced twist on traditional glazed raises the steaks. The thing, its flavor isn't all in your grill about how fancy it is either.

What else to ask for: Chocolate Earl Grey

Where you can get it: Brooklyn, NY

9. Randy's Donuts's Buttermilk Donut


Why it makes the list: Probably the most simple and down to earth donut on this list. If you're not familiar with the most popular hole in the wall in the entire country, we promise we won't turn our backs on you. It's been in business for 60 years, and the giant donut on its roof has probably been featured in as many movies as Meryl Streep. Their donuts are the no muss no fuss kind of donuts who's buttery goodness speaks for themselves. Just trust us.

What else to ask for: Apple fritters

Where you can get it: Los Angeles, CA

10. Betty Ann Food Shop's Donut


Why it makes the list: These powder-dipped donuts have a crisp exterior that remind you of what heaven might just be like. The , cinnamon-nutmegy cake of the donut is smaller than most shops (which is great because you can ask for an extra one to go). The shop gets away with making only five varieties: plain, sugar dusted cruller, jelly and lemon cruller. That's because not are they only out of this world but the old-timey bake shop circa 1940 will have you feeling all kinds of nostalgia mood.

What else to ask for: Lemon cruller

Where you can get it: Boston, MA

11. The Doughnut Vault's Cake Donuts


Why it makes the list: Their cinnamon and sugar cake donut, will give you an entirely different out look on life-- or maybe just the cake donut after one bite. Their ginormous menu with hundreds of options will have you occupied for the hour long wait you'll have to endure for the dozen donuts you order (which you will, because waiting in line for an hour no matter how good the donut is for crazies)

What else to ask for: More cake donuts

Where you can get it: Chicago, IL

12. Cafe du Monde's Beignets


Why it makes the list: Straight from the fryer, these fluffy doughnuts topped with a mound of powdered sugar will have you in love with Crescent City and ready to dedicate your life to consuming only their donuts. Established in 1862 these fried squares of heave are probably not only the oldest on this list but also the wisest (with only the beignets on the food menu, they gotta be doing something right)

What else to ask for: Cafe Au Lait

Where you can get it: New Orleans, LA

13. Round Rock Donuts'


Why it makes the list: One's gotta assume that with the way Texans boast about everything being bigger there, the men must all be compensating for something. For the better (we assure you) the texan donut shop's recipes haven't changed since their opening in the 1926 when the spot open. Their donuts are of the orangey yellow yeast variety, and get their color from the high-quality eggs they mix into them. Pro tip: Texan's might say big or go home with their "Texas Size", but for the weary of heart go for the classic plain glazed. Because as long as it's got the skills size doesn't matter (talking to you Texas).

What else to ask for: Sausage kolaches

Where you can get it: Round Rock, TX