13 Definitive Female Orgasms That Have Nothing to do With Sex


Netflix has the new season of Walking Dead. Oh. God.

1. The Sneeze That Keeps On Giving


The only thing worse than losing an orgasm is the sneeze that leaves. The best though? When you work so hard to keep a sneeze from escaping and it finally comes out.


2. The Q-Tip Game


Work it so good.

3. The Epic Bra Release


The release from bra shackles, sending you to new heights circa puberty

4. The Early Amazon Delivery


The only time you won't mind something coming early.

5. When Netflix Adds That Movie You've Been Dying to See


Going out on Friday? There'll be none of that.

6. The Cancelation That Happens Before Your Cancelation


You act totally ~bummed~ when your friend cancels plans at the last minute, knowing that you were sitting on the couch in your PJs trying to type out a way to do the same

7. The Cold Side of the Pillow


Flipping to the cooler side never felt so good.

8. Extra Sauce From Chick-Fil-A


You polynesian sauce so hard every time.

9. The Moment The Doorman Gives You an I.D. Pass


The only thing that can make you recover from a night out with a forgotten I.D. is the security guy at the front door of a bar.

10. The Times You Pop Open a Bottle of Wine


Let's be real, we can't all be cork experts. But. every. damn. time. you get that cork out it's like a party in your pants.


11. When Autocorrect Catches Your Grammar Mistake


Just as you press send. Nothing worse than a misplaced word to a grammar fiend, nothing better than leading the game with no effort.

12. Getting Through A New Series


Powering through a new season of Orange is the New Black is like finishing a marathon, let's be real.

13. The Ex That Got Ugly


Nothing tastes as good as seeing your ex animorph into a roach on Instagram feels.

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