Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Saturday Night Fever"?

Saturday Night Fever via Paramount Pictures

"Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I work on my hair a long time and you hit it. He hits my hair"

This is a quiz about Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta movies. Saturday Night Fever quiz. Rocky. Al Pacino.

 Dec 22, 2019

1 of 10Pick your answer!

Paramount Pictures
By the end of the movie, ____________________
Tony starts his own dance studio and a relationship with Annette
Tony makes amends with Stephanie and becomes friends with her
Tony moves to Manhattan

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"Al Pacino! Attica! Attica! Attica!"
Italiano, Italiano, Italiano
Al Pacino, Al Pacino, Al Pacino
Attica, Attica, Attica

3 of 10Pick your answer!

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Bobby slips off a _______ and falls to his death
balance beam
diving board

4 of 10Pick your answer!

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After winning the first prize trophy in a competition, Tony gives the trophy to another couple because _________
he knew that his partner, Stephanie, had cheated
he didn't want to win
he felt the judges only gave him the trophy because they were racist

5 of 10Pick your answer!

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Bobby lets Tony borrow his _______ to help move Stephanie from Bay Ridge to Manhattan
train pass

6 of 10Pick your answer!

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While on his way home from the grocery store, Gus is attacked by a Hispanic gang he identifies as the ________
Disco Hops

7 of 10Pick your answer!

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Tony's older brother, Frank Jr., who was the pride of the family after becoming a priest, brings despair to his parents when _________
he leaves the priesthood
he gets arrested for accepting bribes from the mob
gets married and becomes excommunicated from the church

8 of 10Pick your answer!

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________ wants to be in a serious relationship with Tony

9 of 10Pick your answer!

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The monotony of Tony's everyday life is temporarily forgotten every Saturday night when Tony gets to go to _________
a local bowling alley
a local disco club
a bachelor party in the city

10 of 10Pick your answer!

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Tony lives with ________ and works at a dead-end job in a _______
girlfriend, dental office
sister and brother-in-law, hardware store
his parents, small paint store
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