Quiz: You’ll Only Pass This Lutheran Quiz If You Grew up In Minnesota

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 Apr 21, 2017
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Question: 1/10Choose the correct answer!

Roughly what percent of all Minnesotans are Lutherans?

Question: 2/10Choose the correct answer!

____ was the father of the Protestant revolution.
John Wesley
Martin Luther
John Calvin

Question: 3/10Choose the correct answer!

True or False - Martin Luther was "reburied" in Minneapolis, MN in 1917, the 400th anniversary of his "95 Theses."

Question: 4/10Choose the correct answer!

Minnesota Lutherans are mainly of ____ descent.
French and Belgium
German and Scandinavian
Polish and Czech

Question: 5/10Choose the correct answer!

True or False - After the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther left Wittenburg, Germany and started a mission in St. Paul, MN, which is where he died in 1546.

Question: 6/10Choose the correct answer!

All Lutherans and Minnesotan Lutherans have how many sacraments?

Question: 7/10Choose the correct answer!

True or False - In Minnesota, Lutheran services are still almost always spoken in German rather than Latin or English.

Question: 8/10Choose the correct answer!

The headquarters of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is in ____.
Chicago, IL.
St. Paul, MN
St. Louis, MO

Question: 9/10Choose the correct answer!

True or False - Like Catholics and unlike other Protestants, Lutheran clergy wear vestments similar to Catholic priests.

Question: 10/10Choose the correct answer!

In what year was the Protestant Reformation?
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