Quiz: The Most Infuriating And Difficult Traffic Laws Quiz You'll Ever Take

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This quiz might drive you crazy.

How well do you know these confusing traffic laws? Test your street smarts with this quiz on traffic and driving laws.

 Apr 07, 2017
1 of 12Choose the correct answer!
Who has the right of way at a four way stop?
The person on the left.
The person on the right.
The first person to reach the stop.
2 of 12Choose the correct answer!
If you're a slower driver on the freeway you should drive in the:
right hand lane
middle lane
left hand lane
3 of 12Choose the correct answer!
True or False - It is legal for 14 year olds to drive in some states.
4 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What kind of sign has three sides?
stop sign
speed bump sign
yield sign
5 of 12Choose the correct answer!
When approaching a school bus displaying its stop signal or flashing signal lights you should ____.
proceed with caution
pull over
6 of 12Choose the correct answer!
How should you enter a roundabout?
Drive through, you have the right of way.
Always stop even if there are no cars.
Merge in when there is a gap between cars.
7 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What do orange colored street signs signify?
construction zones
8 of 12Choose the correct answer!
You can pass slower traffic when there is a ____.
passing zone sign
solid double yellow lines
dashed yellow line
9 of 12Choose the correct answer!
What is the speed limit in a residential area?
35 mph
15 mph
25 mph
10 of 12Choose the correct answer!
The order of a stoplight from top to bottom is:
red, green, yellow
red, yellow, green
green, yellow, red
11 of 12What does this sign mean?
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A crosswalk
An intersection
A railroad crossing
12 of 12What does this sign mean?
sign, pop culture, culture
Winding road ahead
Merging traffic is approaching from the right
Right lane ends ahead, stay to the left
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