Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Southerners Can Ace This Etiquette Test. Can You?

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Are you a true Southern Belle or Gent? Take this quiz to find out!

Test your knowledge of southern etiquette, and find out if you have the manners and grace of the South!

 Feb 24, 2017
1 of 10Pick the correct answer!
If you run into someone you know on the street you should...
ask them what they are doing.
ask them about their Father.
ask them about their Momma.
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What should a man do when a lady enters the room?
Stand until she is seated.
Offer her a drink.
Wait for her to sit before speaking.
3 of 10Pick the correct answer!
If you’ve been invited to dinner you should...
invite your other friends.
bring a dish of food with you.
buy new shoes.
4 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What color dress should a woman who has already been married wear for her wedding?
Always white
Light pink
Any color other than white
5 of 10Pick the correct answer!
True or False - You should extend your pinkie when holding a teacup.
6 of 10Pick the correct answer!
When should you not wear white?
It is always acceptable to wear white.
In the winter months (December, January, February)
Before Easter or after Labor Day
7 of 10Pick the correct answer!
If you have to say something not so nice, you should...
You should never say something mean.
be honest and say what you think.
say "Bless their heart" or "They can't help it."
8 of 10Pick the correct answer!
If you do not know someone's name, you should...
refer to them with terms such as "sweetie," "honey," or "darlin'."
smile, but don't speak to them.
avoid them until you learn their name.
9 of 10Pick the correct answer!
When eating with a group, you should...
wait for everyone to receive their food before eating.
wait until everyone has their food to speak.
eat when you receive your food.
10 of 10Pick the correct answer!
When invited to an event, when should you arrive?
Arrive slightly early.
Arrive right on time.
Arrive slightly late.
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