Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember "The Fox And The Hound"?

fox and the hound, Disney

Do you remember this classic tale of two best friends?

Quiz on the classic animated feature, "The Fox and the Hound." Featuring questions about characters and plot.

 May 19, 2017
1 of 10Choose the correct answer!
When was "The Fox and the Hound" released?
2 of 10Choose the correct answer!
The fox's name is ____.
3 of 10Choose the correct answer!
____ is the hound's owner.
John Smith
Amos Slade
Widow Tweed
4 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Who is Big Mama?
the owl
the woodpecker
the finch
5 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Why does Copper turn against Tod?
Tod plots to send Chief away on a train.
Chief breaks his leg while chasing Tod.
Tod tells Copper that they can no longer be friends.
6 of 10Choose the correct answer!
Where does Tweed leave Tod?
a zoo
a game preserve
an abandoned barn
7 of 10Choose the correct answer!
On his first night alone, Tod accidentally goes into a ____ den.
8 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What does Tod try to do to impress Vixey?
He tries to catch a fish.
He tries to climb a tree.
He tries to cross a river.
9 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What animal attacks Slade and Copper when they're hunting Tod?
a wolf
a bear
a deer
10 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What stops Slade from shooting Tod?
Copper stands in from of Tod.
Slade trips on a fallen tree.
Chief falls into a river.
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