14 Reasons Why People Who Live Abroad Are The Most Successful

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They are forced to become adaptable.

People who live abroad, whether it be for 6 months or 10 years, master a new way of living that can only be gained through experience.

The wisdom that is obtained through living in another country is a sure set up for success.

Here are 14 reasons why those that move abroad will undoubtedly prosper:

1. They have a broader worldview.


People who live abroad learn to see things from many different perspectives. When they leave their home country, they automatically start to see the world in another light. This gives them a new understanding of the world and how it works.

2. They are forced to become adaptable.


Leaving home is never easy. Moving to another country where the way of life is different from home can be extremely difficult. However, those who learn to live in another place, are forced to become adaptable. And being adaptable is one of the most beneficial traits to have.

3. They are more creative.


Many people who move abroad gain a newfound creativity just by being amongst another culture and learning to do things in ways they were never used to. While creative people may be more apt to move abroad in the first place, there is no doubt that living abroad helps get even more creative juices flowing.

4. They are more open to new ideas.


Living in another country exposes you to all kinds of new ideas. People from other countries often look at the world slightly differently than people from your home country. By being amongst people who look at the world from a perspective unique to your own, you learn to become more open and understanding.

5. They learn to "figure things out."


Living abroad forces you to "figure things out." You will not always have access to the same things you have at home and getting around or communicating may be much more difficult. However, you will have no other choice than to make it work. And these new problem solving skills will no doubt lead to much more future success.

6. They are less fearful.


The hardest part of doing anything new is taking that leap of faith and actually doing it. People who move abroad are taking a risk just by deciding to leave their home country. However, in the end, facing their fears will end up being more beneficial than playing it safe.

7. They often pick up more than one language.


Many people that move abroad end up moving to a country where the people speak a different language. The best way to learn a new language is to really immerse yourself in it. Those who live abroad and pick up another language are more versatile and will have even more opportunities both back home and in other countries.

8. They appreciate other cultures.


There are so many different cultures and by staying at home you only ever get to experience one. Those that live abroad benefit from learning how other people live and begin to appreciate a new culture.

9. They realize there are many different ways of doing things.


The world is not black and white. People who live in one place often believe there is a "right" and a "wrong" way of doing things. However, those who live abroad realize that many countries have different ways of doing things that work just as well as what they are used to. By realizing there are different ways of achieving the same thing, you learn to look at things from various angles.

10. They are able to interact with all kinds of people.


Being able to interact with people of all different backgrounds and cultures is extremely important. Even if there is a language barrier, there are ways to communicate. Living abroad teaches you to not only be able to connect with people from different places, it also teaches you to get along with people from different places.

11. They have networks all over the world.


People who live abroad are not only exposed to people from the country they are now living in, there are also exposed to other people who have moved from countries all over the world. When you leave your home country, you tend to meet people from everywhere. With connections in various countries, the possibilities are endless.

12. They are used to challenging themselves.


Moving abroad is definitely a challenge. Those that take the plunge are generally used to challenging themselves and actually enjoy a good challenge. These people will no doubt be successful.

13. They are more independent.


Being able to live in another country where you likely don't know anybody and will have to adjust your way of life is a sure sign of independence. Without relying on anyone else, this independence leads to a stronger sense of self-confidence and the ability to do anything you set your mind to. That is freedom.

14. They become more compassionate.


People that live abroad gain a love and compassion for all kinds of people and ways of life. Deep down we are all the same. Going somewhere new and meeting people from all parts of the globe makes you realize this. And this understanding is the greatest wisdom of all.

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