Where To Watch General Hospital Online


Where to Watch General Hospital Online

The silver screen is no stranger to binge-able hospital shows. Grey's Anatomy, The Resident, The Good Doctor, the list goes on and on. But if you're looking for another show to get your fill of hot doctors and drama, look no further than General Hospital. The show has run for 50 years but it's exciting plotlines never get old. Want to know more about your soon to be favorite TV show? We have all the information on where to watch General Hospital online and on TV!

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Where to Watch General Hospital On TV

Very good news for you if you want a truly binge-able show. General Hospital comes out with new episodes every single week day. That's right, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you can have a new episode to look forward too. You can catch the episodes on ABC at 2|3c.

Don't have cable? Wondering how to watch General Hospital without cable? You can stream the episodes through Hulu Live TV, which gives you access to live television and Hulu's streaming library, which includes old episodes of General Hospital, too! So, you'll be completely set!

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Where to Watch General Hospital Online

A new TV episode every day may be a little difficult to keep up with, but online streaming to the rescue. If you want to watch General Hospital online, we have all your options covered! First, head over to ABC's website. There, you can watch the most recent episodes of General Hospital once they have aired on TV. However, old episodes do expire, so we recommend watching sooner rather than later. You can also stream past and present seasons of General Hospital online via Hulu. All 56 seasons of General Hospital are available for you to watch on Hulu whenever you need a show that definitnely wont run out of episodes on you.

You can also buy and download episodes of General Hospital from Amazon and iTunes. Individual episodes are $1.99 and entire seasons are $14.99. Plenty of options for a show with plenty of episodes!