When Will Westworld Season 2 Be On Netflix?


When Will Westworld Season 2 Be On Netflix?

Good news Westworld fans! After almost a year of excruciating waiting, Westworld is finally returning to HBO! On April 22, Westworld season 2 airs and we are officially going back into the maze. This season is set up to be an amazing one, now that the hosts in the park have gained control and are turning on the visitors. But before we can settle back into the dark sci-fi land of Westworld, we know there are some critical questions about where to watch Westworld season 2 to answer. We have all the information on where to watch Westworld season 2 online and on TV, and when Westworld season 2 will be on Netflix!

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Will Westworld Season 2 Stream on Netflix When It Airs on HBO?

There are many places to watch Westworld season 2 but unfortunately, Netflix is not yet one of them. Netflix typically streams shows that have completed their entire season so Westworld season 2 will most likely not be avalible on Netflix until the season finishes.

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When Will Westworld Season 2 Be Available on Netflix?

As of right now, we do not know when Westworld season 2 will be available on Netflix. Once the season ends (we hope it never does) we will be able to update you on longer term streaming options for Westworld season 2. In the meantime, we have all your options for where to watch Westworld season 2 online now!

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Where To Watch Westworld Season 2 Online

A show with so many different storylines and plot twists has to have plenty of online streaming options so we can watch episodes over again to keep up with it all! Unless you have the brain capabilities as the scientists on the show, you'll need more than one episode per viewing. On HBO you can watch the most recent episode of Westworld after it airs on TV. Hulu also provides streaming options for Westworld for an extra $4.99 per month.

You can also buy and download episodes of Westworld from Amazon with or without a HBO subscription and iTunes. The wait for Westworld season 2 is almost over!

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