When Will Black Panther Be On Netflix?


When Will Black Panther Be On Netflix US

Since it's release in February, Black Panther, took all worlds (culture, superhero, and comic) by complete storm. The movie is the 18th film in Marvel Cinematic Universe and stars Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, the Black Panther. Fans have been dying to watch Black Panther on streaming platforms online, but when will Black Panther be on Netflix? Since Netflix has a deal with Disney, will we see the cinematic hit on Netflix anytime soon?

If you haven't seen the film yet and need a little more hype, the movie follows T'Challa when he returns to his home Wakanda to take his place as king, after his father's death. But when an old enemy returns wanting to use Wakanda's technological resources for evil, T'Challa must fight for his place as King and his home.

The film is an amazing, action-packed movie and we don't blame you for wanting to watch Black Panther over and over again! Or maybe you haven't gotten the chance to yet, after all, every screening was sold out for four days straight when the movie was first released. Want to know when Black Panther will be on Netflix US? We've got you covered on where to watch Black Panther!

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Is Black Panther Available To Stream Now

If you can watch Black Panther online now? Well, since Black Panther is still available to watch in theaters, making it four months since the release date in theaters, you'll probably have to wait for at home viewing! Check your local movie theater listings to see Black Panther if you haven't yet!

However, Disney is currently under contract with Netflix, so can we see Black Panther on Netflix sometime in the future? Or will that contract run out before the hit film is made available to stream at home? From the looks of it, Disney is cutting ties with Netflix to launch its own streaming service. But, this will start with the studio's 2019 films. That means that we'll probably see Black Panther available on Netflix before the contract ends. But, when will the Black Panther Netflix release date be?

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When Will Black Panther Be On Netflix US

There is no official release date for when Black Panther will be on Netflix US. But sources are predicting that Black Panther will follow the same timeline as other Marvel movies that have come to Netflix, and be available to stream after a little less than a year. This means that Black Panther should be on Netflix in late September or early October. We will keep you posted!

So, where can you watch the Marvel film in the meantime?

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Where To Watch Black Panther Now

So, what can you do while you wait for the Black Panther release date on Netflix? In the meantime, you can pre-order Black Panther on iTunes or on Amazon.

You can also go see Black Panther in theaters! Check out Fandango if it's playing in a theater near you!

Happy watching!