When Does Chicago Med Come Back? Season 4 Return


When Does Chicago Med Come Back? Season 4 Return

Now that Chicago Med season 3 has ended, fans are wondering when will Chicago Med season 4 be returning? The season finale of Chicago Med season 3 left us with many cliffhangers to think about before season 4 returns. Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) was offered a job at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) followed through on his plan to propose and Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) was at the forefront of another life or death situation for the second time this season. Will Dr. Rhodes leave Gaffney for the Mayo Clinic? Will Dr. Reese (Rachel Di Pillo) blame Dr. Charles for not doing enough to save her father? So many questions about Chicago Med but we only have the sure answer to one. Keep reading for all the information on when Chicago Med returns for season 4!

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When Will Chicago Med Season 4 Return?

Good news, Chicago Med fans. Chicago Med will be returning for season 4 fall of 2018! While there is no official release date yet for the start of Chicago Med season 4, NBC and actors in the cast have confirmed that the show will continue for another season. It should come as no surpise with the show pulling in an average of 6.7 million viewers on Tuesday nights. We will update you once we have an official return date for Chicago Med season 4.

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Where to Watch Chicago Med Online

While you're waiting for Chicago Med season 4 to air on TV, here's a list of all the places where you can rewatch episodes of past seasons online. NBC has all episodes of Chicago Med season 3 available for streaming on their website. [Hulu (https://www.hulu.com/grid/chicago-med "ad") has all episodes of Chicago Med available in their streaming library. You can also download and stream episodes of Chicago Med from Amazon and iTunes. Episodes cost $2.99 to stream. How excited are you for the return of Chicago Med season 4?