What Channel Is CW on Direct TV? | 2018

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Where to find the CW on DirectTV.


What Channel Is CW on Direct TV? | 2018

The television network the CW is having a moment right now. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't watch at least one show that the CW currently has to offer. That's why television lovers are all wondering what channel is the CW on Direct TV?

Although the glory seasons of Gossip Girl are well behind us now, the CW stays current with their full range of entertainment spanning from the juicy high school hallway/ murder investigation thriller Riverdale, family romp Jane the Virgin and fast-paced superheroes with The Flash.

But with all the other channels on TV, the CW can get lost in the void known as the channel guide menu. If you have DirectTV and are sick of missing the first ten minutes of your show because you're lost in the channels, we are here to help. Here is where you can find the CW channel on Direct TV.


Where to Find the CW on DirectTV

So how can you stop endlessly clicking through channels and go directly to the CW when it's time for your favorite show? First, if you've purchased DirectTV, you need to make sure that the package you bought includes services to the CW channel. You also need to make sure that you check your local listings to make sure you are searching in your area.

You can check which packages you've chosen on the DirectTV website. Once you've determined which DirectTV package you have, you can use their Channel Guide or Channel Lineup to determine which channel the CW is on. No more wasted time channel surfing, you'll be able to cut right to your favorite CW show!