Tinder Questions To Ask A Guy Before Giving Him Your Number


Tinder Questions To Ask A Guy Before Giving Him Your Number

Decided to try out Tinder? How do you know if you should give a guy your number? Here are some Tinder questions to ask a guy in-app to decipher whether or not he is worthy of your digits.

If Cinderella were around in 2018 her name would be Tinderella, and instead of using a glass slipper to find her true love, she would be swiping right and left on Tinder. Swiping is effortless, but without glass slippers, it's hard to know whether or not your Tinder match will be a perfect fit IRL. That's why post fairytale romance usually involves the question game, to establish if your match is Friday night drinks material or even deserving of your phone number. Personal information is a valuable thing and should not be exchanged with a face that you swiped on just because he was cuddling with a puppy in his first photo. Chances are, it's not his puppy, and you are putting yourself at risk for the "hey r u up" message at 3 AM. Be patient, have a conversation and ask some questions, so you don't deal out the digits to the wrong dude. We've compiled a list of Tinder questions to ask a guy so you can decide if your match is a phone number deserving prince or just another frog taking gym mirror selfies.

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Tinder Questions to Ask a Guy Before Giving Him Your Phone Number: Getting the Conversation Started

First things first are to get the conversation started. It's 2018 and we know girls run the world so don't be afraid to start chatting first. But we don't recommend opening with how many kids he wants to have or where his perfect wedding destination would be. It's also easy to get caught up in the endless cycle of "hey, what's up, how's it going, not much you," until the conversation (or one of you) dies out.

A good way to get the conversation started is to ask your match something personal about their Tinder profile. For example, if they have a picture standing on near Big Ben in London and you've been to London, you could ask them how they liked London. If their bio states that they love brunch, you could ask them where their favorite brunch spot in your city is.

Another good question to ask your match is what brings them to your area. Tinder matches you with people who are in a certain distance that you can adjust so its safe to assume that your match is in your area. Ask him if he lives in your city full time or if he is just visiting.
By starting the conversation with a line other than "hey" you can start getting to know your match right away and skip past the tedious small talk.

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Tinder Questions to Ask a Guy Before Giving Him Your Phone Number: Getting to Know Them

Once the chit chat starts and you start getting to know you match, you may decide that you want to get him a little more off the app. But before you give a match your number, ask a few questions to make sure he is on the same page as you. A simple question to ask is why he is on Tinder in the first place. His response will hopefully match up with your reasons for being on Tinder, whether it's looking for a new friend, drinking buddy or soulmate. You should also ask your match is he is interested in meeting you. Ask your match if he would be interested in a casual meet up; drinks, coffee, a walk, visit a new art exhibition, whatever strikes both your fancy. If he agrees and you feel comfortable enough with your conversation so far, then pass along the digits. But remember to block if any texts past 2 AM come through.

Happy chatting! And in the wise words of TLC, don't give your number to any scrubs!