Celebrate Big With These 20 Sweet 16 Instagram Captions


Perfect Sweet 16 Instagram Captions

Planning your sweet 16? We can't promise you an MTV crew to pay for and film an extravagant party, but we can promise you some super Instagram captions to accompany your sweet 16 birthday. If the movie Sixteen Candles has taught us anything, it's that no matter how the day may start- your sixteenth birthday is sure to be the sweetest day where your birthday wishes truly come true. Here are 20 Sweet 16 Instagram captions to post on your big day.

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•Putting the sweet in sweet 16

•Queen of Sixteen

•You only turn sixteen once but I promise to be sweet forever

•"Sixteen candles make a lovely light" - The Crests

•"Turn my birthday into a lifestyle" -Drake

•Old enough to know better, young enough to get away with it

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•Sweet sixteens were made of this

•The only thing missing is MTV

•You're only 16 once

•On this day, a queen was born

•Sixteen candles

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• Nothing sweeter than turning 16

•"Go shawty it's your birthday" - 50 Cent

• 16 years young

• Here for the cake

•Here's to 16 sweet years and many more to come

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• Life is sweet when you're sixteen

• Keep calm and sweet sixteen on

• I auto get a car, now that I'm 16

• It's my party and I'll eat as much cake as I want too