It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere With These Cocktail Instagram Captions


These adorable cocktail Instagram captions are truly scrumptious!

Best Cocktail Instagram Captions


Do you like your booze shaken, stirred or straight up? It's time to check out these fun Instagram captions for cocktail hour. No matter how you prefer your cocktails, it's always happy hour when you have your favorite drink in your hand. The traditional time of happy hour is 5 o'clock, but we don't judge if you choose to start earlier - or later! With these 25 cocktail Instagram captions, you can celebrate happy hour, any hour of the day!

Perfect Cocktail Insta Captions


• Happy hour is the best hour

• Sip happens

• Alcohol you later

• Why limit happy to an hour?

• It's wine o clock

Cocktail Captions for Selfies on the 'Gram

• Strong women need strong drinks

• There's always time for cocktails

• Call me old fashioned

• Let the evening be gin

• Rosé all day

Good Instagram Captions for Cocktails

• Hit me with your best shot

• No working during drinking hours

• Save water, drink cocktails

• Girls just wanna have cocktails

• I prefer my espresso in a martini

Funny Cocktail Instagram Captions

• Democratic party, Republican party, ☑️Cocktail party

• Sip sip hooray

• I have mixed drinks about feelings

• Hakuna ma' vodka

• Yes way rosé

Cocktail puns for IG

• Wine not?

• Gin and bear it

• Great love affairs start with a cocktail

• You had me at merlot

• Let's drink about it