How to View LinkedIn Profile Anonymously and Utilize Your LinkedIn Privacy Settings


Can You View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously?

Perhaps one of greatest Internet fears is that one day, all of our Instagram and Facebook timeline backstalks will lose their anonymity and reveal themselves to the person we are cruising online. While Instagram and Facebook keep profile views are anonymous, LinkedIn does not follow the same code of online anonymity when it comes to profile views. The purpose of LinkedIn is to put the net in networking which involves collecting a profile history of views to allow users to find new connections and grow your career network. But if maintaining your privacy online is important to you, then what? Can you view LinkedIn profiles anonymously? Will LinkedIn allow you to view people's profiles anonymously?

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Can You View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously?

If you have ever stumbled across someone's LinkedIn profile and then wondered if you can view LinkedIn profiles anonymously, you're not alone. And you're also in luck. There's no need to worry. LinkedIn does have privacy settings that allow you to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously.

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What Is The Easiest Way To View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously?

The simplest method of viewing LinkedIn profiles anonymously is to conduct a public search via any search engine (Google, Yahoo etc.) However, you must not be logged into your LinkedIn account. If you are viewing a LinkedIn profile through a search engine, without being logged into your LinkedIn account your online visit will not register as a profile view. This is because there are two versions of a LinkedIn profile, the public version (which shows up on search engines) and the full profile that users can see when they are logged in and searching on LinkedIn itself. By conducting a public search, you will not have access to a user's full profile but your view will not register in their profile history.

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How To View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously?

If this first method of viewing profiles anonymously seems a bit too risque for you, then do not fret. LinkedIn does provide privacy settings that allow you to go full ghost mode when viewing another user's profile. But please keep in mind that LinkedIn is meant to be used as a professional network and back stalking​ your potential new employer may do more harm than good. Regardless if you want to maintain a level of privacy and anonymity when doing your professional research, here is how.

  1. Click the "Me" Icon at the top of your home page

  2. Choose the middle banner that reads Privacy

  3. In the first section, Profile Privacy, scroll down to Profile Viewing options and click change

  4. Under change, Select what others see when you've viewed their profile

  5. Choose either private profile characteristics or private mode

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How Does Private Mode Make My Profile Views Anonymous?

If you choose private profile characteristics your profile view will still register but only with limited information. Your name will not appear, only your job title and where you work. If you choose the full private mode, your profile view will register as an anonymous LinkedIn user. Please note that there is no way to avoid registering a profile view when you view someone's profile completely but you can choose to keep your own information anonymous.

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Are There Any Repercussions To Making My Profile Views Anonymous?

Yes, there are. One of the perks of LinkedIn is that while users can see when you view their profile, you also get notified of who is viewing your profile. This can lead to extending your professional network and even future job opportunities. Once you choose to go into a private profile or full private mode, your profile history of who has viewed your profile is erased. But if you want to be anonymous for personal or professional reasons, no need to delete LinkedIn, just switch your settings to private mode.

Happy browsing! For more tips and general information on how to best use LinkedIn, visit the LinkedIn help page.

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