Celebrate Bastille Day With These 17 Instagram Captions

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For all the best patriotic Bastille Day Instagram captions!


Celebrate Bastille Day With These 17 Instagram Captions

July 4th may be over, but that doesn't mean the red, white and blue themed holidays are finished! July 14th is Bastille Day when the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille prison which helped usher in the French Revolution. Even if you're not French, you can still celebrate the cause of freedom and the holiday with these 17 Bastille Day Instagram captions!

Best Bastille Day Instagram Captions


• Feeling Frenchy

• Vive la France

• Liberte, egalite, holiday

• Storming the bars for Bastille day

• Santé

Cute Captions for Bastille Day


• To the bar(ricades)

• The walls came tumbling down in the city that we loved

• Bonjour Bastille Day

• Red, white and blue for Bastille Day

• Féte nationale

Bastille Day Captions for IG


• A French affair

• Oh la belle rouge

• Bonne fête!

• "Prejudices are what fools use for reason" - Voltaire

• Holy crepe!

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Fun Instagram Captions for Bastille Day!

• I Lourve Bastille Day

• Féte de la Bastille

• Egalité, Liberté , Fraternité