Safe Non-Prescription Color Contacts for Halloween

The Coolest Contact Lenses for Halloween—That Won't Harm Your Eyes, wandavision
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Make your Halloween costume absolutely eye-catching!

Whether you're wearing a character costume or rocking a spooky Halloween makeup look, sometimes you need an extra uncanny accessory to make your Halloween ensemble stand out. Color contacts turn your Halloween costume from easy to expert—you'll catch all the eyes! Before you choose your crazy color contacts, however, it's important to know the quality and safety of the product. For best practice, look for FDA-approved options direct from a contact company that knows how to make Halloween contacts as scary and safe! If you're not sure about needing a prescription, these colorful picks are non-prescription contacts (but they're also available for those who need prescriptions too!)

Feel at ease browsing these wild and wide-ranging color contacts! Your eyes will thank you come November 1st!

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1. Banshee Color Contacts

Half cat-eye, half creepy creature, these red and yellow contacts with a black almond center are a popular look for any otherworldly costume.

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2. Blackout Color Contacts

Go big and bold with these all-black contacts!

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3. New Moon Red Twilight Color Contacts

Channel Bella Swan post-vampire transformation with these red color contacts!

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4. Lestat Blue Color Contacts

These icy blue contacts are sure to turn heads!

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5. Black Wolf Color Contacts

Unleash your inner wolf with these yellow-to-black contacts!

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6. Berzerker White Color Contacts

These white color contacts with a red rim are scary enough for a ghost or zombie Halloween look.

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7. Angelic White Color Contacts

Sweet and spooky, these angelic white contacts look heavenly!

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8. Rave Green Color Contacts

These neon green contacts glow in blacklight, making them perfect for Halloween parties.

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9. Cheshire Cat Eye Color Contacts

These all-blue color contacts with black almond shapes are best for an evil Cheshire cat eye!

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10. Reaper Color Contacts

A splash of red gives these Reaper contacts a murderous look!

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11. White Out Contact Lenses

These haunting all-white contacts are sure to frighten!

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