Black Women-Owned Brands For Skin, Hair, and Total Self-Care

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It's #SelfCareSunday any day!

The winter months are made for self-care days: it's too cold, too dry, and too dark to do anything else! Self-care is the art pausing your busy schedule to refocus on your physical and mental needs. Nourish your body and mind with a head-to-toe routine that will brighten even the dullest days. If you've never treated yourself to a self-care day before, we've taken out the guesswork with a step-by-step guide to self-loving success.

This routine takes you from morning to night while including both inner and outer self-care tips, including what to drink, eat, wear, and care for! You can substitute products you already own or check out our suggestions for each step. For this special self-care day, we recommend our favorite products from Black Women-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month. These companies focus on self-love and self-care through their brands, so it's a perfect pairing!

Set aside your next #SelfCareSunday—or any day that ends in "y"—to reinvigorate your winter self with this foolproof self-care plan.

Before you continue, we'd like to let you know that this list may contain affiliate links, meaning we may collect a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase.

1. Start Your Day Fresh-Faced With Olive Branch Wellness Boutique's Personalized Face Mask

The best part of self-care is it's just for you. Start with a customizable clay face mask from Olive Branch Wellness Boutique, a small business based in Decatur, Georgia. Choose from a wide-range of wild-harvested clays like wild spirulina, Moroccan red clay, and wild papaya. Olive Branch Wellness provides all the information for the benefits of each clay. Focus on detoxifying, moisturizing, or brightening skin—it's up to you! Combine three nourishing options for your personalized mix.

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2. Massage Your Face And Neck With Dehiya Beauty's Warrior Stone Gua Sha

Gua shas are having a moment on TikTok right now, because they're a great way to relax and pamper your face. This unique-shaped gua sha from sister-owned brand Dehiya Beauty works beyond the face, perfectly hugging the neck and collarbone, to give you a total cooling, calming morning ritual. Just check out this tutorial from the founders to learn how to start!

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3. Simplify Your Makeup Routine With UOMA Beauty's Double Take Contour Stick

Self-care days may not require a full face of makeup, but a little shimmer and sculpt can go a long way! If you want an extra confidence-boost for your day, highlighting your natural features can remind you to appreciate them. This creamy two-in-one contour stick is great for a "no-makeup" makeup look, with a vegan, lychee fruit-infused formula that feels light on your skin. We love UOMA Beauty's wide-range of shades for all skin tones!

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4. Stay Fresh With Piper Wai's Natural Deodorant

A natural deodorant that actually works? It's a self-care miracle! Treat yourself to this top-rated activated charcoal deodorant from clean hygiene brand Piper Wai. And if you still have doubts it could work for you: friends and founders Sarah Ribner and Jess Edelstein survived the Sharks on Shark Tank in 2014 with their original formula, and the five-star reviews say it all! Now unwanted smells won't distract you from your sweet self-care day.

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5. Keep Your Wellness Journey On Track With These Plant-Based Supplements From Body Complete Rx!

To help you live your best and healthiest life, the founder of Body Complete Rx created plant-based supplements. Samia Gore, a mother of four, was looking for ways to create a healthier lifestyle for herself. When she couldn't find what she needed, she worked with Dr. Ruby Lathon to create a range of plant-based products designed to meet everyone's wellness needs! Your health is a journey and Body Complete Rx can be your first stop!

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6. Get Cozy With Sweats By Sam's Personalized Sweatpants

Winter self-care isn't complete without cute and comfy sweatpants! Fashion student Samantha Harper wanted to "create pieces that you will live in" with her small-batch sweats. She caught the attention of Youtuber and influencer Emma Chamberlain, and her brand took off on Instagram. These sweatpant sets are simple and comfortable, with the cute addition of a personalized name patch! You'll feel right at home in these cotton sets with a warm brushed-fleece interior—they're made for you!

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7. Make Yourself A Cup Of Tea With Teadipidity's Springberry Tea

If you miss warmer weather (don't we all!), try manifesting some spring and summer vibes with bright, fruity Springberry Tea from Teadipity. The husband-and-wife-owned company uses unique blends for all their original flavors. Springberry features hibiscus petals, strawberry, rosehip, and more! Lift your spirits while enjoying this antioxidant and vitamin-rich blend, which also boosts immunity. Begone winter blues, this is spring in a cup!

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8. Manifest Your Goals With Be Rooted's Face The Day Note Taking Bundle

Now that your morning routine is done and you're enjoying a cup of tea, you can get back to work! Just kidding—the kind of work we're talking about is still self-care! There's no deadline for new year's intentions, and a self-care day is the perfect time to manifest your goals. Use Be Rooted's empowering set of notepads and pens to write affirmations, reminders, and musings. Be Rooted's founder Jasmin Foster wanted to see herself in her products and "inspire customers to explore their inner muse and celebrate self." Let this gorgeous pen and paper set inspire your mind!

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9. Make a Charcuterie Board With Moonshot's Climate-Friendly Crackers

Lunch break! Join the charcuterie craze and build your own beautiful board of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and crackers with Moonshot's variety pack of delicious natural flavors like tomato basil and rosemary garlic. We love Moonshot's mission statement "to create delicious, carbon neutral snacks that are good for you and the planet." Founded by Julia Collins, a mom and climate change activist, Collins created not only a carbon-neutral company, but also a platform called Planet FWD that helps other food brands follow suit. Moonshot's crackers are organic, plant-based, and grown with ingredients from sustainable regenerative farms, so these snacks aren't just good for you, they're good for the planet too!

Click here to buy the Climate-Friendly Cracker Variety Pack from Moonshot!

10. Add Some Color To Your Life With Mischo Beauty's Luxury Nail Lacquer Set

Wave goodbye to dull, winter days with bright nail polish shades from Mischo Beauty. These award-winning vegan nail lacquers are long-lasting and color-rich. While pregnant, Kitiya Mischo King wanted to create safe nail lacquers with no harsh synthetics that still delivered quality color. Her brand was listed as one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2021, as well as the recipient of awards from Allure and Cosmopolitan. Join the "Mischo Mavens", as King calls her customers, with this duo set of top-rated shades: "Worthy" in peachy, romantic rose, and "Diana" in bright, energizing coquelicot.

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11. Wind-Down With Bathe Brand's Nile Sea Soak

As your self-care day comes to a close, relax with an restorative and detoxifying bath using the Nile Sea Soak from Bathe Brand. Founder Tiffany Brown views baths as a sacred ritual that connects your body and mind. While fighting a painful skin condition, she created Bathe Brand with quality natural ingredients she trialed straight from her kitchen. Utilizing unique ingredients like blue tansy and butterfly pea flower, the Nile Sea Soak will help your skin feel revived and enriched. Empower all of your senses with its sweet and subtle chamomile scent, which is the ideal aromatherapy for a good night's sleep.

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12. Wash Your Hair With NaturAll's Hydrating Hair Collection

Give your hair some much-needed love with NaturAll's Hydrating Shampoo. Much like Bathe Brand, NaturAll's creator Muhga Eltigani began with recognizable ingredients in the kitchen for her hair products. To this day NaturAll is committed to truly natural formulas, with transparent ingredients and no fillers. The hydrating shampoo uses avocado oil, shea butter, and kiwi extract for hydration from root-to-tip. Follow up with the hydrating conditioner; and, if you're hair is curly, check out the full collection formulated especially for 4C hair.

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13. Cleanse *Everywhere* With The Honey Pot Company's Cucumber Aloe Wash

Self-care days are all about giving attention to areas you often forgrt, and The Honey Pot Company is made for an area that definitely needs self-love: the vagina! Treat your down there to some top pH-balancing and moisturizing ingredients with The Honey Pot Co.'s Cucumber Aloe Feminine Wash. This gentle cleaner is a fan favorite for its light scent and hydrating aloe. On her journey to soothe a bout of bacterial vaginosis, The Honey Pot Co.'s creator, Bea Dixon, discovered an herbal remedy thanks to a dream. While her products were inspired by a dream, they're now tested by gynecologists and backed by science—a true meeting of mind and body!

Click here to buy Cucumber Aloe Wash The Honey Pot Company!

14. Shave Irritation-Free With OUI The People's Sensitive Shave Set

If you're still using a plastic razor, a self-care day calls for a permanent upgrade! Go eco-friendly with a retro-style safety razor from OUI The People. The sharp, replaceable blade ensures a smooth shave free from razor burn and irritation. Founder Karen Young aims to address the unrealistic standards and unsustainable products in the beauty industry, and OUI the People is living proof of her vision. Head to their helpful How-To page if you've never used a stainless-steel razor before.

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15. Moisturize Your Skin With Bee Happy's Don't Bee Bothered Body Butter

After all that soaking, cleansing, and shaving, hop out of the bath and moisturize! These luscious body butters are handmade with organic beeswax, and 10% of proceeds go to saving the bees! This Pennsylvania-based small business is also worth a follow on Instagram for dry skin tips and the benefits of beeswax, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients for your skin. Customers love the Don't Bee Bothered Body Butter which contains only organic beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and an herb-infused sunflower oil. A little goes a long way with this product so it's made to last—just like the positive effects of your complete self-care day!

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