Essential Holiday Travel Tips & Travel Safety Tips

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Don't get stuck Home Alone this holiday season!

Even if you're finally ready to take that big trip you've postponed due to COVID-19, it still may feel overwhelming with mask requirements, travel restrictions, and the travel surge of 2022. Set off stress-free with this helpful checklist that covers everything from the most recent COVID-19 recommendations to the perfect multi-tasking carry-on. Whether you're planning a plane ride, road trip, or even a cruise, these tips will keep you safe and vacation-ready. Traveling with kids? Ensure their safety with quality child face masks and lots of hand sanitizer.

Here are the most essential travel safety tips for 2022. With this list, you'll feel confident traveling via planes, trains, or automobiles. May your next trip be safe, effortless, and easy!

Before you continue, we'd like to let you know that this list may contain affiliate links, meaning we may collect a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase.

1. Check the COVID-19 Restrictions at Your Destination

The COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map by IATA

Even if you've already checked the COVID-19 restrictions and requirements for your destination, it's important to stay in-the-know until your travel date. The International Air Transport Association provides an interactive map with global COVID restrictions that is updated daily.

Click here to check International COVID-19 Restrictions!

The Covid Cases Interactive U.S. Map by Verywell Health

If you're traveling locally within the United States, Verywell Health has a statewide map with information on mask mandates, case numbers, and vaccine mandates.

Click here to check United States COVID-19 Restrictions!

2. Consider Travel Insurance

Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance by InsureMyTrip

Need some extra assurance? Get travel insurance! InsureMyTrip covers a wide variety of needs, including COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, in their travel insurance plans. Worriers can rest easy with their Cancel For Any Reason coverage, which is a travel insurance plan true to its name. Plus, certain countries like Singapore and Fiji require travel insurance for entry, so double-check with your destination.

Click here to view InsureMyTrip's Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance!

3. Stock Up On Quality Disposable Face Masks

The FDA Registered Mask with KN95 Protection by Vida

In an enclosed space like an airplane, common cloth masks just won't cut it. Keep yourself and your child safe with quality, disposable face masks that fit well. Globally conscious clothing and face mask company Vida makes top-rated FDA-registered face masks with KN95 protection. With multiple colors, a convenient family pack, and the fact that they're recyclable (use the return label from Vida, and they'll recycle your used masks for free!), these masks are first class.

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4. Keep The Sanitizer Handy

Deluxe Travel Kit by Refreshed Traveler

Splurge on the ultimate travel hand sanitizer kit that goes above and beyond. This practical all-in-one kit comes with a reusable medical masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and even a satin eye mask. Conveniently packed in a clear zip-up case, this kit has everything a family needs for travel—including earplugs for tired parents!

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5. Be Prepared For Anything

The Excursion First Aid Kit by Welly

As the saying goes, "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!" Bandage brand Welly has you covered—literally and figuratively—with their handy excursion kit. It includes over 100 standard and small-sized bandages, antibiotic packets, ibuprofen, and more in a compact reusable tin.

Click here to buy the Excursion First Aid Kit by Welly!

6. Carry It All With The Ultimate Carry-On

The XL Landon Carryall Bag by Dagne Dover

Fit your hand sanitizer kit and disposable masks in a carry-on bag that has room to spare. Inside are pockets for everything: a shoe bag, water bottle (or wine bottle) sleeve, and more! Choose from 7 gorgeous colors, a variety of sizes, and mix-and-match accessories.

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7. Don't Forget Chargers And Adapters

The Drop Wireless Charger by Native Union

For a stylish, sleek charger you won't want to leave at home, the Drop Wireless Charger is travel-ready. Wireless chargers seem superfluous until you use one, but you won't want to go back to untangling cords ever again.

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The 3-Day Fast Portable Charger by Nimble

For practical use, the 3-Day Portable Charger from the eco-friendly tech company Nimble will keep you connected all weekend long. Charge up to three devices at the same time with USB-A and USB-C ports. As an added bonus, the charger is made of plant-based plastic and recycled aluminum, so you'll end up on the nice list this year.

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The Universal Travel Power Adapter by EPICKA

For international travelers, the Universal Travel Power Adapter is a must with a retractable plug for the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and more. Save yourself the trouble of packing multiple chargers too—the rose gold adapter is also fitted with 4 USB-A ports.

Click here to buy The Universal Travel Power Adapter by EPICKA!

8. Arrive Well-Rested With The Perfect Neck Pillow

The Go Neck Pillow by Ostrichpillow

Sleep on the way and wake up at your destination refreshed and full of holiday spirit. This sleek and soft neck pillow is a highly-reviewed travel favorite. Ergonomic memory foam in a washable sleeve, the pillow is a sleep saver for long flights or car rides.

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9. Protect Your Passport and Phone

The Addison Pouch Pocket in Sherpa by Rag & Bone

Keep your valuables close in this cozy crossbody bag made of 100% recycled materials. The top snaps close, keeping your passport and phone safe while you travel. If your flight limits the amount of bags you can carry on, simply roll and snap the bag into a smaller pouch that tucks away easily. The heritage fleece complements any winter outfit, so you can go from travel days to holiday nights in style.

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10. Keep Your Belongings Safe

The Mate Tracker by Tile

The last thing to complete your travel checklist is a tiny Tile! The small square tracker fits on your keys, bag, or belongings. Use their app—a one year subscription is included—to keep an eye on your personal items. Keep Christmas presents and holiday gifts safe during your travels with this high-tech security upgrade.

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11. Give Yourself an Immunity Boost

Organic Propolis + Royal Jelly + Raw Honey Mix from Bee & You

Whether you're traveling or just navigating the rough times of the Covid pandemic, it's always a good idea to give yourself a natural immunity boost. One of the easiest (& tastiest) ways to do so is with Bee & You's Propolis Honey. This Bee Superfood is full of antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, proteins, and enzymes that have an array of health benefits. One spoonful a day will give you a boost of energy and immunity, try it out and see for yourself!

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