50 Always Trending Halloween Makeup Ideas

50 Always Trending Halloween Makeup Ideas
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Find a monstrous or magical makeup look for Halloween!

On Instagram, Halloween is the time of year when makeup artists show off incredible full faces of movie-worthy makeup. If you want to practice your makeup application skills, Halloween makeup is your chance for a challenge. Scary skeletons, possessed pumpkins, and crazed clowns are always in style during spooky season. If you need a last-minute costume that is more makeup than clothes, these ideas are as classic as they are creepy. Ranging from expert-level to anyone-can-apply, these Halloween makeup ideas are only as scary as their subject matter. Find a Halloween look for any level of makeup skills below.

Here are 50 trending Halloween makeup looks for endless spooky season inspiration!

1. Colorful Skeleton Makeup

A colorful version of a true classic, this skeleton makeup will stand out!

2. Chucky Makeup

Chucky is another Halloween classic with recent reboots that you can find on streaming, so brush up on your evil doll lore with this look!

3. Spiderweb Makeup

A simple spiderweb is a statement all by itself!

4. Broken Doll Makeup

Add some cottonballs and you've got a broken doll who's bursting at the seams!

5. Undead Bride Makeup

With colored contacts, this look is extra creepy!

6. Ghost Makeup

Rhinestones and black eyeliner are all you need for this ghostly look!

7. Zombie Marilyn Monroe

Go all out with a zombie-fied Marilyn Monroe makeup look!

8. Vampire Makeup

When in doubt, vampire it out!

9. Jack Skellington Makeup

Nightmare Before Christmas fans, this Jack Skellington is spooky and sexy.

10. Sally Makeup

Every Jack Skellington needs a Sally!

11. Bat Makeup

Use your favorite liquid eyeliner to create a truly batty look!

12. Coraline Makeup

The creepy kid's movie Coraline is a fan favorite every year!

13. Other Mother Makeup

Also from Coraline, Other Mother is a button-eyed nightmare!

14. Pumpkin Makeup

If you can never get your eyeliner to match, this is the perfect one-eyed pumpkin look!

15. Eyeball Makeup

The eyes have it!

16. Skeleton Princess Makeup

Combine your favorite Disney princess with a half-skeleton face to be cutely creepy!

17. The Nun Makeup

A spinoff of The Conjuring franchise, The Nun is an unholy creation.

18. Sparkly Skeleton Makeup

Apply gemstones to your hearts desire with this iridescent, eye-catching version of a skeleton!

19. Crime Scene Makeup

True crime fans, this look is for you!

20. Corpse Bride Makeup

Accentuate your eyes with Tim Burton-inspired makeup!

Freddy Krueger Makeup

A Nightmare on Elm Street come to life!

21. Jason Mask Makeup

It's Freddy vs. Jason! Jason Voorhees is a classic Halloween villain with an iconic mask.

22. Colorful Clown Makeup

Clowns never stop being scary Halloween staples.

23. Melty Makeup

Go green with this pop art-inspired look!

24. Broken Nose Makeup

Add fake blood and some eyeshadow, and you'll look fresh from a fight!

25. Purge Mask Makeup

While it looks difficult, this mask makeup look relies on negative space to create an intriguing illusion.

26. Plastic Surgery Makeup

Is your biggest fear going under the knife? This creative look shows off the horrors of plastic surgery.

27. Lola Bunny Makeup

Join the Tune Squad with these perfectly-placed bunny whiskers!

28. Black & White Clown Makeup

Go monochrome with another classic clown look!

29. Spider Eye Makeup

Dare to scare with this spooky spider leg look!

30. Pretty Pumpkin Eye Makeup

For a look that's more sweet than scary, try these whimsical pumpkins with bright orange eyeshadow.

31. Suicide Squad Joker Makeup

Suicide Squad's Joker makes an edgy punk rock look.

32. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup

Who needs Joker? Not this Suicide Squad star!

33. Poison Ivy Makeup

Flex your green thumb with the ultimate evil plant mom!

34. Barbie Makeup

Always iconic, Barbie comes to life with these overdrawn eyes.

35. Simplistic Skeleton Makeup

All you need is a trusty liquid eyeliner and a steady hand!

36. Green Witch Makeup

It's always a great time to go as Elphaba, the wicked witch of the West!

37. Good Witch Makeup

Instead of wicked, get good! This Glinda the Good Witch makeup is perfectly pink!

38. Dark Angel Makeup

An angel with a dark side? Perfect for Halloween!

39. Cute Halloween Eye Makeup

Cats, candy, ghosts, and more! Whatever you can fit on an eyelid!

40. Simplistic Devil Makeup

Add some horns and this look screams devil without going all red!

41. Goth Makeup

When in doubt, just go gothic!

42. Pennywise the Clown Makeup

The Halloween makeup that will make you the It Girl!

43. Frankenstein Makeup

A classic Frankenstein look!

44. Alien Makeup

Look out of this world for Halloween!

45. Thermal Makeup

This colorful thermal look is hot! Literally!

46. Fall Halloween Makeup

It's Fall! It's Halloween! It's Falloween!

47. Thunderstorm Makeup

Nothing says Halloween like a stormy night!

48. Carrie Makeup

The 1970s horror movie Carrie is the terrifying inspiration for this bloody and smudged makeup look!

49. Scar Makeup

Look scarred-for-life with these subtle red scars!

50. Venom Makeup

If you're an expert, Venom makes a showstopping Halloween makeup look.

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